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Why you should consider Berkshire for your next holiday

As strong a reputation as we have among health and fitness clubs and meeting and wedding venues in Berkshire, we also fully encourage our potential guests to stay with us should they be staying in Berkshire for any other reason.

The county has plenty to offer in terms of things to do, but we see it as our duty to compile some of our own reasons why a holiday in Berkshire is such a must.

The area has a rich history

Berkshire is home to countless castles, houses and museums – including the largest inhabited castle in the world.

Windsor Castle was built in the early 11th century and been inhabited by various royals since. Today, it stands as one of Britain’s most popular tourist attractions, the preferred weekend home of Queen Elizabeth II and the longest-occupied palace in Europe.

The castle – as well as the rest of Windsor – is less than an hour’s drive away from Regency Park Hotel and can be reached by public transport if need be. We’re sure you’ll agree that a stay to Berkshire wouldn’t be complete without a visit.

It’s a holiday suitable for the whole family

Another major attraction in Berkshire is especially family friendly - indeed, it is one of the best-known such attractions in Britain, and it's all to do with certain iconic bricks. 

Legoland – also situated in Windsor – is a theme park based on the world’s most popular toy. There are countless building workshops, Lego models and theme park rides for younger members of the family to enjoy, but we’re sure that the adults present will enjoy it just as much, if not more due to added nostalgia.

Not only is Legoland Windsor the only Legoland theme park in the country, but it is also one of only three in Europe – all the more reason to book a stay at the nearby Regency Park Hotel.

These are just a few of the reasons why Berkshire is such a unique and alluring location for holidaymakers. To find out more about what the areas surrounding Regency Park Hotel have to offer and what else makes a holiday in Berkshire a must-not-miss, please feel free to contact our team, who will gladly help you with anything you may need.


How to make the most of your stay at Regency Park Hotel

Whatever the length of your stay and whatever your reason for staying with us - which could be anything from taking advantage of one of the best health spas in Berkshire, to hosting your wedding with us - we do our utmost to ensure you have the best stay possible.

We can’t do all of the work, however. As responsive, friendly and professional as our team are, they can’t read your mind regarding what you want from your stay with us – hence this handy little guide to how to truly get the most out of your time with us.

Let us know what you require

We urge you to let us know of any requirements that you may have before and during your stay.

If your issue is a food-related one, our kitchen staff will do everything they can to cater to allergies and intolerances – so please don’t be afraid to inform us of any. Our rooms are also fitted with hypo-allergenic pillows and duvets for anyone concerned about dust allergies.

If accessibility is a concern for you, don’t fret. Regency Park Hotel is fully accessible, and several of our rooms are fitted with handrails and other features in order to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Ask about our special rates and discounts

You may wish to host a wedding, meeting or other event with us, in which case, it's a good idea to ask about our discounted room rates, complimentary coach parking and use of the exclusive health club and spa facilities - among other things.

There are countless other ways that we can make your stay that extra bit special here at Regency Park Hotel – anything from adding champagne or flowers to your room for your arrival,  to assisting you with the running of an event or meeting.

For more information on what makes a stay at Regency Park Hotel the best in Berkshire, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We pride ourselves on our status as a chic, modern and well-connected hotel for those needing or wishing to stay in or around Newbury and Thatcham, and are therefore receptive to the broadest range of customer requirements. 


The aspects of a Regency Park Hotel stay that make it so special

Searching for a hotel is never easy - even for the most decisive of people.

We believe that Regency Park Hotel stands out from the crowd compared to other hotels – for many other reasons than being one of the leading wedding venues in Berkshire.

We cater to your requirements

We welcome everyone at Regency Park Hotel – and we sincerely mean this. That’s why we also offer several accessible and family rooms, which are just as stunning as our regular rooms.

Our accessible rooms are fitted with handrails, roll-in showers and other features intended to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

The family rooms in our hotel are interconnecting, which allows you to get some privacy while knowing that the younger members of your family are safe and sound.

A wide array of special rates and discounts is available

We do like to treat our guests, after all.

Whatever your reason for staying with us – whether it be for a wedding, party or just a regular weekend break – we offer all of our guests complimentary wireless broadband and parking.

You’ll also get exclusive use of our world-class health club and spa when you stay with us. It is here where you will find a 17-metre indoor swimming pool, state-of-the-art gym, sauna and many more great amenities. A members or residents only area, it can be hard to find facilities such as these in hotel settings.

Our team does its utmost to make your stay special

It could be anything from making sure that your dietary needs will be catered for, to adding extras to your room such as champagne or flowers – our staff only have one goal in mind; to ensure that your stay is memorable for all the right reasons, even if it is only for one night.

These are just a few of the most obvious reasons to book your next Berkshire hotel stay with Regency Park Hotel, however. There are also such things to consider as the kitting out of all of our rooms with hypoallergenic bedding, offering our guests express check-out and much, much more – sometimes, it really is the little things that count.

For more information on staying at Regency Park Hotel when you are next in Berkshire, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Why you should choose Regency Park Hotel as the venue for your big day

Choosing a venue for your wedding and/or wedding reception is unquestionably one of the biggest decisions that you ever make in your life.

That’s because it is. It’s never an easy decision to make, so as one of the most-favoured wedding venues in Berkshire, Regency Park Hotel is here to give you a bit of help as to which venue you should choose.

You’ll receive discounts and special rates with us

It’s your special day, after all, so why not?

There’s a whole host of special rates, packages and perks available to those who marry and/or hold their wedding reception at Regency Park Hotel, two of the most notable being our special bedroom rates and complementary parking.

You are bound to have some guests who are travelling quite a way to attend your wedding and/or reception, so surely having them stay in the venue itself is much easier than having them search and pay for other accommodation? That’s why we offer discounted bedroom rates for your guests – so no one is left sat at home.

We also offer complementary parking. This is no different to if you were staying at the hotel for any other reason or occasion, but if it’s a wedding, we also offer free coach space.

Everything will be under control

Of course, there may still be one or two surprises at your wedding - but whatever they are, they won't be the result of a lack of pre-nuptial planning or organisation by the team at Regency Park Hotel!

Our professional wedding planner is on hand to help you with all of your planning needs – anything from putting a menu together to selecting any entertainment you may want.

On the day itself, you will be assisted by our dedicated wedding manager, who will help you with anything you need, making your big day a breeze.

We are a wedding venue that welcomes everyone

We have several rooms that are fully accessible and equipped with features such as handrails and roll-in showers.

There’s bound to be some little ones in the wedding party – our interconnecting family rooms means that the entire family can stay after the big day is over and done with.

Our kitchen team also caters fully to anyone with allergies, intolerances or other dietary requirements – an important thing to consider when planning your big day.

If you need any more convincing of the merits of choosing Regency Park Hotel as your wedding venue, please feel free to contact our team today. 


Book a stay in one of Berkshire’s best health clubs and spas

Be it for a quick weekend getaway or a longer stay, we truly believe that Regency Park Hotel is one of the best health and fitness clubs in Berkshire.

Our health club can only be used by members or residents, and offers the kind of peaceful surroundings that can often be hard to find in public health clubs and spas.

What can you access as one of our health club or spa users?

Just a few of the facilities available include a 17-metre swimming pool, steam and sauna room and fully equipped fitness suite.

The suite is a fitness junkie’s paradise in itself. With personal training, computerised fitness consultations and a wide array of Technogym exercise equipment to take advantage of, the opportunities to perfect your 'body beautiful' really are endless here.

A choice of classes also take places from Monday to Saturday, encompassing everything from circuit training to aqua aerobics.

After something a bit more relaxing?

If the main purpose of your break is to kick back and relax, then you are definitely still looking in the right place here at Regency Park Hotel.

Our spa offers a wide range of holistic treatments, including manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and even reflexology.

We also offer St. Tropez spray tanning, among many other sought-after treatments, so you really can be sure of having your every beauty and relaxation need catered for by Regency Park Hotel's seasoned professionals.

Feeling stuck for choice?

We don’t blame you. Our spa break packages may point you in the right direction, however.  

At the time of typing, you can choose from a Mini Spa Getaway, Spa Break Away or Weekend Retreat Spa Break. The latter two options are available as a one or two night break, and all three packages offer interesting additional choices in terms of treatments and access to the health club facilities.

Whatever it is about us that catches your eye, we hope you choose Regency Park Hotel as your accommodation for a few nights, and not merely as your health club or spa!

After all, all of our rooms here at Regency Park Hotel are fully equipped with features and facilities including free wireless broadband, televisions and ironing facilities – you may even benefit from concessionary rates.

As a guest here, you also get to make use of our award-winning Watermark restaurant, which caters to all tastes and dietary requirements.

Interested? Get in touch today to find out more about our health club and spa, or if you have any further queries about Regency Park Hotel.


Choose our hotel to make your meetings and events truly memorable 

Everyone wants the meetings that they host and attend to be productive, enjoyable and in short, memorable for all of the right reasons.

Many hotels offering meeting facilities can be disappointing in this regard, which is why we have ploughed considerable investment in recent years into our your own corporate amenities here at Regency Park Hotel.

What type of event do you have in mind?

Whatever the nature of your event - a simple employee get-together, team-building event, formal meeting, conference or even product launch - we can cater for your most specialised requirements with aplomb here at Regency Park Hotel.

You may know of us as one of the leading wedding venues in Berkshire, or you may have popped into our health club and spa from time to time. Alternatively, you may have stayed here, or for that matter, never even heard of us! Whatever - in this piece, we thought we would outline exactly what makes Regency Park Hotel such a befitting choice for a meeting or event.

Take advantage of our business centre...

That’s right – people enjoy using us as a venue for their meetings and events so much that we created our very own Business Centre. This newly refurbished venue boasts a cafe and a lounge that allows delegates to take a break from their business ventures and stretch their legs or grab a bite to eat.

Choose from a generous range of meeting rooms

Regency Park Hotel boasts 10 meeting rooms of various sizes, which can accommodate as few as four delegates or as many as 200.

Every room benefits from natural daylight and extensive air conditioning, and can be tailored to suit a range of events including interviews, training courses and even exhibitions. However, unlike a lot of other venues, Regency Park Hotel also has outdoor space that can be used to host anything from car launches and barbeques to team building activities.

Work with our brilliant meetings team

Remember – we don’t just host events or meetings of a business nature. As a matter of fact, it could be anything from a private dinner to a gala ball that you ultimately have in mind - we will be able to cater for your most specialised needs much the same.

Whatever kind of meeting you choose to host with us, our friendly, diligent and professional team members will do their utmost to make sure everything runs smoothly, so that you can focus on what matters most – your event or meeting.

For more information about the many merits of holding your next meeting or event with us, why not contact the friendly and professional Regency Park Hotel team today?


What is there to do near Regency Park Hotel?

We assure that you’ll have a splendid time at Regency Park Hotel, regardless of what you decide to get up to; be it taking advantage of one of the finest  health and fitness clubs in Berkshire, hosting a party with us or even spending your wedding day here.

However, we completely understand if you want to thoroughly explore the area – there are dozens of interesting things to do, after all. We’ve compiled a list of some of the highlights here.

Nature lovers – prepare to be stuck for choice...

Regency Park Hotel is situated within the peaceful and tranquil Berkshire countryside, so it’s only natural that there’s plenty of lush scenery and interesting wildlife to enjoy.

The Nature Discovery Centre is situated in the nearby town of Thatcham – the name says it all, really. It’s suitable for all of the family and is abundant with fascinating birdlife to view, in addition to playing host to a range of entertaining activities for younger members of the family.

Beale Park is situated just 10 miles down the road in Reading, and is home to a wide array of critters and creatures, including meerkats and peacocks. There are also plenty of opportunities here for younger family members to let off some steam in the several playgrounds situated within the park.

For something a bit wilder, the UK Wolf Conservation Trust is five miles or so away from the hotel. Situated in Beenham, this one-of-a-kind attraction allows you to get up close and personal with these rare and stunning creatures.

Need something to do at night?

The towns surrounding Regency Park Hotel are replete with all manner of pubs and restaurants that are bound to cater to every taste and need - should you want to venture from our first-class Watermark Restaurant, that is.

Be it pub-style grub, Italian or Asian, we guarantee there will be somewhere of interest for you among the local eateries.

That’s not all...

These are just a few highlights. After all, there are countless other things to do during your stay with us, including visiting nearby castles, taking a trip on a boat or enjoying a spa day – or you could simply kick back and relax in one our 108 luxurious bedrooms. The choice is entirely up to you.

For more information on what there is to do during your stay at Regency Park Hotel, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


What are the warning signs of a bad wedding venue? 

Regency Park Hotel is the leading wedding venue in Berkshire and the surrounding area – so we’ve obviously seen a lot of wedding parties come and go in our time.

We do hope that you choose to spend your big day with us, but if you are still searching for your dream wedding venue or hotel, we’ve compiled a list of things that should set alarm bells off in your head when looking at a particular venue.

It looks nothing like the photos you’ve seen

We do hope that you at least make a quick visit to your wedding venue before you book it. It can be extremely risky to book without making a visit – you never know how old the advertised photos of the venue could be, whether they’ve been manipulated in any way, or whether they necessarily show that particular venue at all.

If something looks 'off' while you are making a visit, count that venue out of your considerations.

There’s a lack of accessibility

Regardless of the size of your wedding party, there’s bound to be a child, someone who is less able or someone with an allergy/intolerance somewhere in the group of guests.

If your wedding venue isn’t child-friendly (it could be that it doesn’t welcome children or provide facilities such as interconnecting family rooms or a cot), this could prove to be a big hassle on the day for you and your guests.

It’s also important to check that your venue is suitable for the less able or elderly. Enquire about handrails, ramps or even accessible hotel rooms nearby – it would be awful to have to exclude anyone from your celebrations.

Food also plays a massive role in your wedding celebrations, of course. If the venue doesn’t cater to a wide range of tastes or doesn’t do its utmost to cater to those with allergies or intolerances, choose another venue. If they also won’t allow you to use your own caterer if you wish to, this may be another red flag.

They don’t do many weddings

If this is the case, there’s probably a reason behind it. You should always ask to see some sort of portfolio, or look at reviews online to get a good idea of people’s experiences there.

Regency Park Hotel has been rated as excellent on TripAdvisor, and there’s a whole host of photos of the wedding celebrations that loved-up couples have enjoyed here for you to take a look at.

For more information on spending your big day with us, feel free to get in touch with our team today.


Not quite ready for your stay at Regency Park Hotel? Here are a few tips and tricks...

We have all been guilty of leaving things until the last minute - packing being one of them. As excited as you may be for your stay at one of the leading health and fitness clubs in Berkshire, it can be difficult to not procrastinate about packing.

If you are one of the many that are procrastinating, we’ve compiled a few bits of advice on how to make packing seem like the easiest thing in the world.

Preparation is key

We didn’t say we could help you if your holiday starts tomorrow, after all...

The best way to prepare for your stay is to make three lists before you begin packing. Name them accordingly; ‘things to do before I leave’, ‘things I need to buy before I leave’ and ‘things I need to remember to pack’.

Make sure to write these lists several weeks or days before you actually begin packing, as it will give you time to add anything that you may have forgotten previously. Keep referring back to the lists as you are packing, and don't forget to tick things off once you’ve done.

Only bring the basics

Everyone is prone to over-packing – whether for a night on the town or a full-blown holiday.

The best way to tackle over-packing is to first think about what you are actually likely to do during your stay with us. For example, if you plan to spend the majority of your weekend in our health club and spa, there’s probably no need to pack several pairs of high heels. Likewise, if you are here for a wedding, it may be best for you to leave your running shoes at home.

We may be able to help you...

Make sure you do your research before you attempt to bury half of your belongings in your suitcase. The rooms at Regency Park Hotel come equipped with ironing facilities, hypo allergenic pillows and duvets, and a range of other features and facilities to make your stay more comfortable.

To learn more about what Regency Park Hotel can do for you during your stay here in the beautiful county of Berkshire, just contact our team today.


Regency Park Hotel - a cut above the rest

Regency Park is already hailed by many as being one of the leading health and fitness clubs in Berkshire, a world-class wedding venue, and as a luxurious venue for meetings, conferences, and other events.

But why choose us over any other hotel? Read on to find out more.

A stunning stay is to be had with us, regardless of needs or requirements

A selection of our rooms are fully accessible, and are equipped with hand rails, roll-in showers, and many more features to make your stay as comfortable as possible. If you’re looking to bring the little ones with you, we also offer several interconnecting family rooms for your utmost peace of mind.

If you or a loved one has any allergies or intolerances, please inform us before and during your stay. Our kitchen team can cater to practically any dietary requirement, no matter how minor it is. Every one of our beds is also fitted with hypo-allergenic pillows and duvets.

Any other requirements or concerns you may have, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Special rates and discounts when you need them the most

If we’re lucky enough to be hosting your wedding, then you’ll benefit from several special rates. If your guests find it inconvenient to get home, why not take advantage of our special guest bedroom rates and have them stay with us? You’ll also be offered complimentary parking, which also includes space for coaches.

You may also be able to benefit from special rates and discounts if you are hosting a meeting, conference, or other special event with us, so don’t be afraid to enquire.

To top it all off...

Make your stay that extra bit special by adding a finishing touch. Be it a bouquet of flowers, chocolate, or champagne, there’s always something we can do to make you feel more welcome here.

So, if you’re planning a party, wanting a weekend getaway, or crowding everyone together for a conference, get in touch with our team today to see how Regency Park Hotel could benefit you.


Regency Park Hotel - more than just a hotel!

You’ll likely know us as a hotel, health club and spa, or as one of the best-loved wedding venues in Berkshire. We are all of these, of course, but we also have tons more to offer our guests and visitors - more than you might think.

Host a meeting or conference with a difference

Meetings often aren’t the most exciting parts of life. However, a different environment can change everything.

Regency Park Hotel has 10 meeting rooms of various sizes on offer. All of our rooms are air-conditioned and benefit from natural daylight. Meeting space ranges from four to 200 occupants, and can be used for a wide range of purposes, including interviews, training courses and larger events such as presentations and exhibitions.

Our recently revamped Business Centre may also be of use to you. Our business centre features a cafe lounge, where food and drink are always on offer, as well as a place to relax and stretch your legs.

We also have an outdoor space for events such as barbeques, product launches or team building activities, where our team will happily assist you throughout the day.

A world-class dining experience

Be it for a one-night stay or for a weekend-long event, our Watermark restaurant and bar are at hand to provide you with a wide range of high-quality dining options.

For events, why not take advantage of one of our stunning banqueting suites? If you desire a bit more privacy, room service is available across all menus, so you can dine in the comfort of your room.

Our bar has a comfortable, yet classy atmosphere and offers a food menu as well as a wide range of drinks.

If any members of your party have any particular dietary requirements or allergies, don’t hesitate to inform our team before and during your visit, as our kitchen staff will happily do everything in their power to cater to any specific needs.

For more information on what Regency Park Hotel could offer you, feel free to get in touch with our team today.


Come to us for the most relaxed break   

It can be extremely beneficial to sneak away from the chaos of everyday life now and again. However, many of us immediately think of some sun-drenched isle in the Mediterranean when planning a break away, despite the very real beauty that surrounds us right here in Britain - even during the colder and drizzlier months! 

Regency Park Hotel is the perfect place to rediscover the UK as a holiday destination, while getting a bit of hard-earned relaxation and a good night's sleep into the bargain. Our hotel is one of the first choices for luxurious spa days in Berkshire, and indeed, we offer our broad range of services with one aim above all else: to make you feel your best.

A good night’s sleep guaranteed

We have an array of 108 stunning bedrooms for you to choose from. Every single one is styled by us to be contemporary yet comfortable, and comes with perks including an in-room safe, free Wi-Fi, work space and hypo-allergenic pillows and duvets, to name just a few.

We believe that everyone deserves a bit of luxury now and again. That’s why Regency Park Hotel boasts rooms that cater to everyone's requirements. If you are travelling with your family, we have a range of spacious family rooms on offer for utmost peace of mind. Should you still require some privacy, however, we do have interconnecting family rooms as well.

Several of our rooms are also fully accessible, many of them coming with hand rails, roll-in showers and en-suite wetrooms. If you or a fellow guest have any requirements that you wish to make us aware of, please do so while booking your stay with us, or contact us well in advance of your stay; our team will be happy to help.

We are willing to go the extra mile

What about if you are staying with us for a special occasion such as a wedding or a party, of if you just fancy a treat? Again, we can include a few finishing touches to your stay to help make it wonderfully relaxing and memorable, including champagne or flowers.

We can cater to a wide range of special occasions. Just a few of the events that we have hosted at the hotel include wedding fayres, baby showers and meetings/conferences.

Some people, meanwhile, really do just fancy a quick getaway, which is why we work hard to ensure that our health club and spa really are state-of-the-art, offering all of the advanced treatments and amenities that our guests could possibly need to unwind.

To begin booking your stay or if you have any further queries, why not contact our team today?


Exercise in style with Regency Park Hotel

Looking for a gym membership in Berkshire or the surrounding area? Turn slogging away in the gym into a treat by doing so in our excusive Health Club. We have a wide range of facilities, only available to residents and members.

World- class facilities in a tranquil setting

Our hotel is ideal for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a workout or two during your stay!

If swimming is your thing, we have a 17-metre indoor swimming pool that is complemented by a spa pool and steam and sauna rooms.  Our pool hosts a variety of aqua aerobics sessions, as well as providing the opportunity to simply kick back and relax.

Our health club also boasts a state of the art gym, where personal training, a computerised fitness consultation and an external running club are all on offer.

To wind down after your physical exertions, why not make use of our spa? As well as our steam and sauna rooms, we have a whole host of treatments on offer including manicures, massages and St. Tropez spray tanning treatments.

A membership to suit everyone

All of our membership options are flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs. Just a few of the memberships on offer include student memberships, children and family memberships and corporate memberships. To find out which option is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Whatever you decide to get up to in our Health club, be it an intensive workout or a day of pampering yourself, why not make a day of it and stay in one of our 108 luxurious bedrooms? With a whole host of dining options also available, Regency Park Hotel makes for a truly indulgent stay - regardless of how many nights you spend here!

In addition to being a world-class hotel and health club, we accommodate weddings and other special events. For more information regarding our health club, gym memberships or any other aspect of Regency Park Hotel, feel free to get in touch with our helpful team today.


An epic venue for your big day - it's Regency Park Hotel 

Here at Regency Park Hotel, we love turning our clients’ dreams into reality. It’s best to act quickly to secure the use of one of the best wedding venues in Berkshire, so why not take a look at what we have to offer today and get in touch if you like what you see?

Our hotel is renowned across the region and beyond thanks to its fusion of classic and contemporary styles, while our wedding planners have years of experience to draw upon when it comes to ensuring that events run as smoothly as possible.

Choose us and you will surely be impressed by our wedding planners’ exceptional attention to detail. We always listen closely to what our clients have to say in order to make their dreams come true and can assist you with everything from planning the menu, finding photographers and choosing make-up artists to identifying the right entertainers for your after-dinner celebrations.

First-class facilities on offer at Regency Park Hotel include our stunning Watermark restaurant, which overlooks picture-perfect waterfall gardens and is the ideal option if you are planning a daytime-only event and need exclusive use of a first-class dining area.

Our elegant Parkland Suite, meanwhile, is delightfully distinctive and can fit up to 140 guests. It even boasts its own reception and bar area, and you can make full use of the sun terrace to enjoy canapés and pre dinner drinks in the summer.

Then, there's our Paris Suite, which is perfectly suited to anyone planning a more intimate affair. It can cater for groups of up to 70 and is an ideal place to say your vows if you aren't planning a church wedding or marrying in a registrar’s office. We are fully licensed for civil ceremonies and are able to offer you various special packages.

We are located between Newbury and Thatcham in the Royal County of Berkshire. Our facilities are enjoyed by all sorts of business travellers, families, tourists and people simply wishing to unwind and forget the stresses and strains of day-to-day life for a day or two. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can help to make your big day the most spectacular and memorable day of your life!


Cater for your wedding appropriately with Regency Park Hotel

Regency Park Hotel is one of the leading wedding venues in Berkshire. We have hosted a fair share of weddings in our time and have assisted a wide array of guests in the planning of their big day. As you might expect, we have also learned a fair few things from this, one of them being that food is highly crucial to a wedding.

We have therefore compiled a few pieces of advice that we reckon you'll thank us for when planning your big day!

We’re here to help

Here at Regency Park Hotel, we have a professional wedding planner on hand to guide you with the planning of your big day - catering being just one of the several things that they can advise you on.

Take advantage of our luxurious Watermark restaurant and the world-class chefs that work there. Our Executive Chef and his trustworthy team use the finest ingredients to create a varied menu that will cater to most tastes. If you are unsure of what’s on offer, do please contact us.

Make sure to mix it up

Providing the same food all day can lead to guests getting bored of the food on offer, which can lead to waste and people going hungry. It’s also a major drawback for those with allergies/intolerances, who will be left with little, if anything to eat.

Communication is key

Before you choose to host your wedding with us, we would urge you to enquire with your guests if they have any food allergies or intolerances, even if they are only minor. Our staff are dedicated to making your big day memorable by catering to your every need, but it can often be tricky to avoid cross-contamination, especially with the likes of buffets.  Alert us to any specific dietary requirements ahead of time, and our team will work hard to meet them.

For more information on planning a wedding, dining or catering, contact our helpful team today.

Regency Park Hotel lies between the towns of Thatcham and Newbury. We boast a wide range of leisure activities, 108 luxurious bedrooms and even a high standard of conferencing and banqueting faculties. What else could you need from a hotel?


Why have a wedding with Regency Park Hotel?


Here at Regency Park Hotel, we like to go the extra mile for those choosing to have their wedding with us.

Although we are already one of the top wedding venues in Berkshire, we still insist on making your big day perfect, right down to the last detail.

An impressive choice of suites

We have a choice of suites on offer at Regency Park Hotel. Both cater to all wedding and civil partnership packages; the suite you choose simply depends on what atmosphere you would like, or how many guests you plan to invite.

The Parkland Suite is our biggest suite, this spacious, self-contained room capable of hosting up to 140 guests. With a private entrance and own reception and bar area, it’s perfect for all-out receptions and services.

Our Paris Suite is ideal for smaller affairs. It can hold up to 70 guests and makes an ideal alternative to a registrar’s offices. This suite is well-suited to events during the day, as the spacious conservatory with its private bar makes the most of the natural daylight.

Our staff members are here to help

As well as our receptionists, cleaners, and the rest of our amazing and helpful team, we have our professional Wedding Manager and Planner to help you with your big day.

Our planner will assist you with the planning of your wedding right down to the last detail, while the manager will help everything to run smoothly on the big day.

It’s the little things that count

We understand that planning and having a wedding can be quite stressful for everyone involved, so we like to offer a few little extras for those choosing to have a wedding with us. We provide complimentary parking for all of your guests, including coach space. If you or your guests choose to stay with us, we can also give them the benefit of special bedroom rates.

Regency Park Hotel is located between the towns of Newbury and Thatcham. With a fitness suite, spa and indoor swimming pool all available, you’ll never have a boring moment in this particular corner of rural Berkshire.

For more information on booking and planning a wedding with Regency Park Hotel, please feel free to contact us today.


For a formidable range of spa breaks, look no further than Regency Park Hotel 

Our unashamedly chic and modern hotel plays host to one of the best health spas in Berkshire; if you want to surprise a loved one, or even if you fancy some much-needed me time, our luxurious spa breaks are your best bet.

Our selection of spa breaks

At the time of typing, we have three packages to choose from, each varying in price, length of stay and the exact treatments that are provided.

·     Mini Spa Getaway
Our Mini Spa Getaway can be undertaken between Thursday and Sunday. Option one includes accommodation for two in a shared standard room with a bed and breakfast, together with access to our health club  and a choice of a mini manicure or pedicure. Another version of this getaway also gives you the option of dinner.

·     Spa Break Away

For this option, you can stay with us for one or two nights, with our one night break including shared accommodation for two in a standard room (including dinner, bed and breakfast), access to our health club and a single 30 minute treatment. The two night break is as above, with one 30 minute treatment per day.

You have a choice of various 30 minute treatments:

·       Elemis Back Massage

·       Nail Tidy on hands or feet

·       Elemis Body Glow treatment

·       Elemis Taster Facial

·       Face & Scalp massage

·     Weekend Retreat Spa Break
This is our most luxurious offering of the lot, with the choice of a one or two night break.
The one night break includes accommodation for two in a shared standard room (dinner, bed and breakfast basis), a light lunch, access to our health club and two 30 minute treatments.

The two night break is as above, with two 30 minute treatments each day. The treatments available are the same as above.

Whichever package you choose, you are in for a relaxing time with Regency Park Hotel - there is simply no better establishment at which to get pampered! For more information on our spa packages and accommodation, contact our friendly and professional team today, and discover why we have built a reputation as one of the truly leading health spas in Berkshire.  


It's time to reach peak fitness with Regency Park Hotel

Who doesn't want to keep fit at a time of year when the short daylight hours and increasingly dreary weather can make that objective extremely difficult to achieve? If you are looking for the best quality gym facilities and wish to strive for the highest level of fitness, get in touch with Regency Park Hotel today.

We're proud to be able to bring our members and residents some of the finest gym and spa facilities in the region and have helped so many people living within and outside Berkshire to enhance their wellbeing. Choose Regency Park Hotel and you'll be able to access not only outstanding fitness facilities, but also first-class advice on making the most of them.

We can provide you with access to a Techno gym, steam room, spa pool, 17 metre swimming pool and sauna. Also on offer are various pampering treatments. Our clients always leave Regency Park Hotel feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, and we offer bespoke advice to ensure their needs are always met. Get in touch today if you wish to join a leading gym and health spa in Berkshire.

A range of membership packages is available to suit you, your lifestyle and your bank balance, which simply helps to make Regency Park Hotel an even more ideal venue for your spa break. Our picturesque grounds and venue help our clients to forget about their troubles and pamper themselves in style. Whether it's a facial or specialist massage you require, you can rely on us to help you unwind effectively.

Regency Park Hotel is located in the Royal County of Berkshire, close to Newbury and Thatcham. We're commonly chosen by people in the area on business, holiday makers and locals simply seeking out a luxurious change of scenery. Our Watermark restaurant attracts guests from miles around, with our chefs making the most of the locally-sourced ingredients available to them in order to create unforgettable dishes.

High-speed internet access is on offer to our valued guests, and there are 108 stylish bedrooms to choose from if you do wish to stay overnight. Also awaiting your arrival are an open plan bar and lounge area. Regency Park Hotel is fully equipped for business meetings, weddings and private parties. We are passionate about helping our guests and members to gain the fitness they aspire to, so why not talk to us today to find out more about what Regency Park Hotel is truly about?


A wedding venue to match your ambitions

Do you need to book an elegant wedding venue in Berkshire? Regency Park Hotel is a first-class Berkshire wedding venue overseen by highly experienced, caring and professional staff who always do everything in their power to ensure your ceremony and celebrations are successful. We can offer outstanding facilities and bespoke packages designed to suit your needs down to the ground. As our calendar does fill up quickly, it is best to get in touch with us as soon as you can to secure venue on your desired date.

We will work tirelessly behind the scenes before and during proceedings to make sure that everything runs like clockwork. Having overseen all sorts of weddings, from lavish affairs to low-key, intimate events, we can be counted on to deliver the excellence that you require, no matter what your needs are. Fully-licensed for civil ceremonies, we can help whether you are marrying here or have said your vows elsewhere and need to find the right venue for your celebrations.

Regency Park Hotel is the home of the renowned Watermark restaurant, one of the finest eateries of its type in the region. We offer complementary parking for all your guests and can cater for coaches. Your guests are bound to love our special discounted room rates, and we will also assign you your own personal manager who will go the extra mile to ensure that everything runs smoothly and your day is a glowing success. Our hotel plays host to some 108 contemporary bedrooms, each of which come with exceptional facilities.

You can find us between Thatcham and Newbury, near a host of quality transport links. The hotel is an ideal venue for business meetings, parties and weddings, although many people do stay with us simply to get away from it all for a few days in the lap of luxury. Top facilities at Regency Park Hotel include a steam room, indoor swimming pool, high speed broadband, a spa pool and sauna. You are welcome to contact us at any point if you do have any queries about our facilities and packages.

Why settle for less when Regency Park Hotel could be the perfect magical backdrop for your nuptials? 


Our Berkshire hotel is home to the ideal health spa and gym 

If you feel that you would benefit from using first-class gym and spa equipment and are interested in signing up for a gym membership in Berkshire, simply talk to us. Here at Regency Park Hotel, we can give you access to some of the finest facilities that the region has to offer. We are passionate about helping people to forget about the stresses of their day-to-day life and instead focus on reaching the fitness levels that they have always dreamed of. 

Choose Regency Park Hotel for your next Berkshire holiday or business trip, or simply sign up as one of our members, and you will be able to access a host of fantastic facilities including a steam room, Techno gym, spa pool, sauna and 17 metre swimming pool. We also offer generous parking, along with an even more generous range of health and beauty treatments. What's more is that we're always on hand to advise you on getting the most out of our facilities and deriving real value from them. 

We know that everyone's needs are different, which is why we offer a selection of membership packages to suit a variety of needs. We can help you to enjoy the perfect spa break, allowing you to put your worries to one side and relax in true luxury. Whether it's the idea of a facial or special massage that appeals to you the most, you can count on us to deliver the excellence that you require.

You will find our chic and contemporary hotel in the famous Royal County of Berkshire between Newbury and Thatcham. Whether you are visiting the region on business, travelling from miles away for a change of scenery or are a local resident wishing to swap your surroundings, we are always ready to welcome you with open arms. 

We are one of the most reputable venues for weddings, parties and business meetings in the region and are renowned for facilities like our Watermark restaurant, where ingredients from some of the area's most revered food suppliers are used to create unforgettable meals.

If you do need to stay connected with the world around you, you will be delighted to hear about the high-speed free broadband that we offer, while our open plan bar and lounge area are perfect for anyone wishing to relax with a beverage or two. There are also 108 contemporary bedrooms to choose from.

Why not drop us a line today to learn more about our exceptional health spa and gym, along with everything else that has made Regency Park Hotel the accommodation of choice for so many people travelling into Berkshire from miles around? 


Make us your choice of elegant wedding venue in Berkshire

So many people scour the market for the best and most luxurious wedding venues in Berkshire, and when they do, they so often find themselves stopping at Regency Park Hotel. After all, we have all of the facilities and staff needed to provide such demanding customers with the outstanding service that they have been looking for.

Why not get in touch with us today if you require a first-class venue with vast facilities, picture-perfect architecture and glorious grounds? Our team has years of experience when it comes to organising weddings and ensuring everything that runs like clockwork, and you can count on them to go the extra mile to make your day a success.

We tailor your packages around your exact needs, offering top quality bespoke services that suit you and your guests down to the ground. We are fully licensed for civil ceremonies and are here to help, whether you need to find a wedding venue or have already married elsewhere and wish to celebrate your union with friends and family members.

Our Watermark restaurant is one of the most popular of its type in the region, with our hotel in general being consistently praised for its fantastic atmosphere. Discounted room rates are available for your guests, and you will be assigned your own personal, dedicated manager on the big day, who will work tirelessly to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Whether it is a lavish celebration or something more low-key that you are planning, you can depend on us to deliver the spectacular service that you require.

We are situated between Newbury and Thatcham, close to various transport links. Regency Park Hotel is also ideal for business meetings, parties and other events. Why not talk to us today to find out more about key facilities like our fitness suite, indoor swimming pool, spa pool, steam room, sauna and high-speed broadband?

More and more couples are choosing Regency Park Hotel over the competition, on account of our wide-ranging facilities, stunning grounds and elegant hotel. Don't settle for an inadequate venue – choose one of the region's most highly-rated hotels if your nuptials are coming up and you are yet to find the right location in which to say your vows.  


Get fit or simply unwind in style at Regency Park Hotel 

Regency Park Hotel can cater for anyone who requires first-class gym and spa facilities. We are home to one of the finest health clubs in the region, so if you are inspired by the prospect of working out or simply unwinding and being pampered in classic surroundings, why not get in touch today?

Our extensive facilities include a modern air-conditioned Techno gym, a steam room, sauna, spa pool and 17 metre swimming pool. You won't struggle to find anywhere to leave your car, thanks to our vast parking facilities. Regency Park Hotel can offer you a wealth of treatments and can cater for you whether you need to rejuvenate or relax. We're confident that we can give you everything you require from a health spa in Berkshire.

We offer a number of membership packages to suit a range of needs and requirements. We are especially well-known for our spa breaks, for example, during which our clients are pampered wonderfully and provided with a number of treatments including special massages and facials. Regency Park Hotel welcomes its guests and members to contact staff at any point if they require any assistance with making the most of the facilities on offer.

When it comes to offering vast and often luxurious facilities in a delightful setting, we lead the way. The hotel is situated in the Royal County of Berkshire in a tranquil location between Newbury and Thatcham. We can provide you with the excellence that you seek, whether you're out on business, need a few days away from it all, require the ideal venue for a business meeting or even a high-end wedding venue.

There are 108 stylish, contemporary bedrooms to choose from here at Regency Park Hotel, and many of our guests love to unwind in our open plan bar and lounge area. Discerning cuisine aficionados are served brilliantly by our Watermark restaurant, while complementary high-speed broadband is also available.

We can bring you an exceptional quality hotel experience, whether you wish to visit us on business or to unwind, celebrate a birthday or anniversary or say your marriage vows. Why wait any longer to get in touch if you like what you're reading and wish to find out more about one of Berkshire's most acclaimed hotels? 


An exquisite backdrop for your nuptials

We would like to hear from you if your wedding day is coming up and you're yet to find the right venue. Regency Park Hotel has the ideal facilities, architecture and grounds for your nuptials. Our venue offers chic, contemporary design, and if you choose it as your destination, you'll get the support of highly experienced, professional and friendly staff who go the extra mile to make your wedding a thrilling success. As no two couples are ever the same, we offer a bespoke service to people planning weddings in Berkshire, tailoring our services directly towards your unique needs and circumstances.

Regency Park Hotel is fully-licensed for civil ceremonies. Whether you require a wedding venue or have married elsewhere and need somewhere to celebrate back home in Berkshire with your friends and family, we can help. The venue plays host to the stunning Watermark restaurant, which attracts people from miles around due to its excellent ambience, great cuisine and the helpful, caring attitude of its staff.

A number of special packages are available, and your guests will be pleased to know that discounted room rates are available to them. You will also receive the services of a dedicated manager on your big day, who you can count on to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We can be depended on to deliver the quality that you require, whether you're planning a low-key celebration or a big event. Our venue is situated in a tranquil setting between Thatcham and Newbury. We cater for a wealth of needs and can provide the ideal service, whether you require a venue for a business meeting, party or any other appropriate event.

Many people choose to stay with us for a few nights just to get away from it all and take advantage of our outstanding leisure facilities, which include a fitness suite, steam room, spa pool, sauna and indoor swimming pool. We offer 108 bedrooms, wireless internet and complimentary parking.

Why not call us for an informal chat today and learn more about our vast, high quality facilities and how we can help you to create wedding memories that you will cherish forever?


Find a personal trainer at Regency Park Hotel

If it's a gym membership in Berkshire that you are seeking, be sure to choose one that offers the use of a personal trainer. Whether you’ve been working out for years or are completely new to the gym, hiring one can be incredibly beneficial. Here’s why.

Unique program

There’s such a vast amount of information available concerning muscle building and fat loss that it can be difficult to understand which exercises and training regimes are right for you. Your personal trainer will discuss your goals before making an exercise program that is tailor-made to meet them.

Everyone’s goals and starting point are different, so working from a regime you found online might not see you making the best progress possible. This also extends to nutrition. Eating right is a fundamental part of getting into the best shape of your life, and a personal trainer will be able to make suggestions to help you develop a healthy but satisfying diet.

Decreased risk of injury

Training your body is serious business, and mistakes can have negative consequences – from minor injuries to long-term problems. Of course, any kind of injury will mean that your performance is impaired, significantly reducing your chances of achieving your goals.

Such injuries usually occur when machines are used improperly, but they can also be caused by over-training. A personal trainer will prevent either eventuality from happening by talking you through the correct way to use each piece of equipment, and ensuring that your program isn’t too intense.

Prevent plateaus

If you’ve had an active gym membership in Berkshire for more than a few months, you probably already know what a plateau is. At first, your body will build muscle and drop fat relatively quickly, but things often become harder as you continue.

This can be de-motivating, but a personal trainer can stop it from happening by changing up your workouts whenever your body gets used to its current exercises. They know different ways to work muscles and understand how to alter cardio programs to ensure that you’ll continue to enjoy the best results possible.

The health centre at Regency Park Hotel offers personal training for all of its users, making it one of the best gyms in Berkshire. For more information concerning membership, just contact one of our team members today.


Reasons to take up regular swimming at our health club in Berkshire

Regency Park Hotel's health club in Berkshire includes a diversity of facilities that can leave you both looking and feeling much better. The merits of our sauna, steam room and air conditioned Techno gym should not be overlooked, but you might not realise just how much your life could change for the better until you begin regularly taking a dip in our 17-metre indoor swimming pool.

You can exercise your entire body

There are plenty of fun exercises out there, but they tend to only exercise particular parts of the body at a time. Swimming, on the other hand, works out the whole body. From your back, to your arms, to your core and more, you can improve your body's general look by using just four different swimming strokes.

It may rarely feel like exercising

One common reason why people who start a routine exercise regime don't keep it up is that they simply don't find it that fun. For them, it just feels too much like a chore. However, swimming is an activity that many people who don't usually like exercising do thoroughly enjoy. Many avid swimmers remark that engaging in this particular physical activity does not even necessarily feel like exercising.

You could find surprising success in burning calories

Swim moderately for even an hour and you could burn around 500 calories. Such substantial calorie-burning can also up your metabolism and so make it easier for you to keep losing calories long after you have left the pool. Swimming demands greater breath control, and therefore greater oxygen, than running. It all means that you can tuck into that post-swim treat with just a little bit less guilt!

Swimming at our health club in Berkshire is not expensive

Swimming can be delightfully inexpensive, as there is no need for you to buy lots of costly equipment in preparation. For many of us, swim shorts or a swimsuit, plus a cap and goggles, will suffice.

Also worth keeping in mind is the range of membership tariffs on offer for our health club at Regency Park Hotel, including those for peak, off peak, student, children, family and corporate memberships. Such a broad range of options allows you to obtain a membership without paying for extras that you don't genuinely require.


Tighten your core at our health club in Thatcham 

Finding a health club in Thatcham that offers a variety of gym classes is always a good idea, and one of the most popular sessions provided by Regency Park Hotel focuses on core and stability. This class is aimed squarely at your midsection, and there are a number of great reasons for you to come along.

Improved posture

People typically train their core in order to look better. That’s sensible, as tightened abdominal muscles can often help you to feel more confident, but you’ll also look taller and stand straighter. This is because your core muscles are vital for maintaining proper posture. After developing your midsection, you’ll find that your posture is improved without even having to make the effort yourself.

Helps avoid injury

Your core is the connecting element between your lower and upper body, meaning that it is activated to some degree or another during almost every activity

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