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Regency Park Hotel is a truly idyllic wedding venue

Regency Park Hotel provides you with a stunning backdrop for a magical wedding. The hotel is as luxurious as it is stylish and plays host to chic, contemporary interiors and elegant suites. We’re here to help make your dreams a reality, so why not talk to us today if you’re planning a wedding in Berkshire and require the use of one of the most exquisite venues in the region?

Our team have the expertise and customer care skills needed to arrange a magical wedding experience. You’ll be given access to your own dedicated professional wedding planner who will guide you through each step of the process, from curating a menu to choosing evening entertainment. We offer bespoke services to ensure that we cater for requirements perfectly.

We can even cater for you if you’ve wedded overseas and require a venue for celebrating with friends and family back home. We can also host daytime-only proceedings, with our acclaimed Watermark restaurant offering picturesque views of the nearby waterfall gardens. Regency Park Hotel is licensed for civil ceremonies and comes complete with complimentary parking, including access for coaches. Should your guests wish to stay in the hotel, they can take advantage of our special rates.

Our hotel is situated between the towns of Newbury and Thatcham and is ideal for anyone visiting the area on business, to explore the local attractions or to relax in a stylish, comfortable, warmly-welcoming setting. The venue plays host to over 100 bedrooms, as well as an open plan bar and relaxing bar area. High-speed wireless access is also on offer, allowing guests to catch up with what’s going on in the wider world at their leisure.

We can also offer access to our extensive leisure facilities, which include not only a fitness suite but also a spa pool, sauna, steam room and sizeable swimming pool. Also available is a beauty spa that has been fine-tuned to offer a perfect pampering experience, featuring a whole host of leading treatments and products. Everything is set up to enable you and your guests to enjoy a magical, unforgettable day. The Regency Park Hotel is the perfect venue for a wedding in Berkshire.


Why bother signing up for a gym membership in Thatcham?

As a resident of the unassuming Berkshire town of Thatcham or somewhere nearby, you won't need us to give you too many excuses for not joining the gym - after all, chances are that you've thought of a good number of them already. You might imagine that gyms are just full of stereotypical self-satisfied 'bodybuilder' types, or that you're fit and healthy enough already - even as you huff and puff your way up a relatively undemanding set of stairs.

We could go on and on, but we won't - instead, we'll give you a long list of reasons why you should definitely sign up for a gym membership in Thatcham like that offered by ourselves right here at Regency Park Hotel.

You'll be fitter and healthier

This is the obvious one - but also an extremely easy one to overlook if you've been led to believe that the only difference will be looking like a Men's Health cover model. The facts of the matter are that regular gym-goers aren't lugging around as many calories as their non-gym-going brethren, and nor do they suffer from so many health problems such as blocked arteries, high tension or skin disorders.

You'll look younger and better

We admittedly can't avoid the fact that signing up for a gym membership in Thatcham could also be a great first step to building that muscular physique that you've always dreamed of. Get down to the gym regularly, and you can soon be shedding those years off your body, also benefitting from better posture, stamina and all-round wellbeing.

You'll make new friends

So many of us struggle to find ways to socialise that don't involve the bar or pub. With a gym membership in Thatcham, you've got a dream ticket to constant socialising opportunities with likeminded people. There's nothing like the united goal of getting fit to make people realise how much they have in common.

You'll banish those bad habits

In today's detached, individualistic world, it's so easy for most of us to stay glued to Facebook or Twitter on our smartphones, or lounge about at home watching the TV. That's not good for your physique or your overall wellbeing, so why not use that time for a nice, reinvigorating workout instead? Joining the gym here at Regency Park Hotel could be a massive step to making those bad habits a thing of the past.

You can do so quickly and affordably!

Check out our range of membership tariffs on the website today to find out just how much within your financial reach a gym membership in Thatcham can be. The joining process is swift, too, which leaves you with even fewer excuses not to take advantage of our modern health and fitness club in a tranquil corner of Berkshire.  


Regency Park Hotel - a modern wedding venue in historic surroundings 

There's an awful lot of history in the Berkshire town of Thatcham. It may still only have a population of around 25,000 people, but the settlement has seen no shortage of historically significant events - indeed, according to the Guinness Book of Records, it has a strong claim to be the oldest continuously inhabited place in Britain. Well-preserved evidence has been found of Thatcham having been inhabited as far back as 7,700 BC.

The area gained great prosperity in the early 14th century, until the Black Death decimated its population in 1348. Surviving evidence of Thatcham's rich past includes the Norman parish church of St. Mary, which underwent considerable reconstruction in the mid-19th century. Even a 1950s minesweeper naval warship, HMS Thatcham, was named after the town.

Why we are saying all of these things? Our point is that it's so easy to just presume that choosing a wedding venue in Thatcham means choosing a historic wedding venue - one that was built many centuries ago, perhaps. By all means, there are certainly plenty of such wedding venues in the locality, but not every loved-up couple seeking a suitable venue for their upcoming nuptials is necessarily even looking for such a backdrop on which to formalise their union.

Indeed, anyone who has stayed at or tied the knot at Regency Park Hotel, which can be found between the Berkshire towns of Newbury and Thatcham, will be able to vouch for how impressive a more modern wedding venue can be. They may have marvelled at the chic and contemporary interior design of our establishment's suites, or noted the exceptional attention to detail of the service that we provide. They may, too, have appreciated our comfortable and stylish bedrooms, perfect for welcoming even the most demanding of wedding guests.

In short, Regency Park Hotel offers the complete package as a wedding venue in Thatcham. Our suites, for instance, include both the gorgeously spacious Parkland Suite - which has enough room for as many as 140 guests and also incorporates an exclusive private entrance, reception and bar area - and the Paris Suite, a more intimate setting for up to 70 guests.

Furthermore, every aspect of your time with us is overseen by our professional Wedding Planner, who deals with everything from the planning of the menu to the selection of the most suitable entertainment. Contact us now for more information about the comprehensive service that helps to make Regency Park Hotel the premier modern wedding venue in Thatcham.


What makes the Regency Park Hotel perfect for your wedding or reception?

The Regency Park Hotel is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Berkshire. We provide a range of services and options to make sure that your day is as special in reality as it is in your dreams. This is a celebration that you’ll remember forever, so we'd advise that you take advantage of everything that we have to offer.

Your own private restaurant

Most hotels stop at providing a private suite for weddings, but the Regency Park Hotel goes a step further by allowing you to reserve our entire Watermark restaurant for the exclusive use of you and your guests. Overlooking picturesque waterfall gardens, you’ll sample the talents of our brilliant executive chef, enjoying perfectly seasoned food with wines selected from regions all across the globe.

A complimentary wedding manager

Even the most committed bride and groom won’t be able to predict all of the numerous little problems that can occur during any marriage, and there’s no reason why they should have to. We provide you with a dedicated wedding manager throughout the day, so you can just relax and enjoy the occasion. Our manager will make sure that everything is running on schedule, to ensure that your perfect day really is perfect.

Two stunning wedding suites

So that you can be sure of ours being the perfect wedding venue in Berkshire, the Regency Park Hotel can offer two gorgeous suites to cater for any type of celebration. If you’ve got a considerable guest list to deal with, the Parkland Suite is ideal. With room for up to 140 guests, it features an exclusive entrance, its own bar area and a private sun terrace. Or, for a more intimate affair, the Paris Suite can accommodate 70 guests. Positioned in an expansive conservatory, natural light rains down to create a magical, timeless appeal.

Special bedroom rates

Holding your wedding at a hotel means that guests have the option of booking a room for the night and going straight to bed after the festivities, instead of putting up with a tedious taxi ride. As we want everyone to enjoy the day without worrying about getting home, we’ve made some special room rates available for all of your guests.

Contact one of our team members today to start planning your perfect wedding or reception. 


The new Precor equipment making us one of the leading health and fitness clubs in Berkshire 

Here at Regency Park Hotel, we certainly take pride in being one of the most contemporary of Berkshire hotels, and much the same could be said of our health and fitness club. That can now be further demonstrated by the new gym equipment that we have taken delivery of from Precor, one of the world's premier manufacturers of such equipment.

It all means that few health and fitness clubs in Berkshire - let alone those based in a hotel, with all of the convenience and amenities that such a status brings - are as well-equipped as ours. We are making use of the Precor P80 Series equipment that will truly help you to reach your fitness goals while on our premises.

Our Precor cardio equipment, for instance, encompasses treadmills, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, AMTs and cross trainers, while our strength equipment includes that for leg press, leg extension, leg curl, outer thigh, inner thigh, chest press, shoulder press, last pulldown and functional glide.

The new treadmills that have arrived in our club, for instance, are reliable and easy to use, thanks in large part to the intuitive touchscreen P80 console. They incorporate Integrated Footplant Technology (IFT) that adjusts the belt speed to your strides, meaning that your change in foot speed is taken into account as you change from walking to running and back again.

The Precor P80 treadmill also boasts a Ground Effects Impact Control System (GFX) that provides greater cushioning, support and stability, lessening the stress on your joints and minimising fatigue. But these are just some examples of the technological sophistication of our equipment that makes our club even more of a standout among the many health and fitness clubs in Berkshire.

Indeed, the Precor Strength Selectorized equipment that now takes pride of place in our gym allows you to work all of those major muscle groups, in the knowledge that Precor has thought of everything that you could possibly want from such equipment - the most impeccable engineering, effortless ergonomic motion and proven science.

It is all to the end of ensuring that you walk out of our health and fitness club feeling like you have had the most satisfying possible workout, which will only make it so much easier to enjoy the rest of your stay with us. Book your stay with Regency Park Hotel today to try it all out for yourself!


Pamper yourself and get fit at Regency Park Hotel

Don’t settle for less when it comes to health spas in Thatcham – choose a hotel with a stellar reputation. The spa at Regency Park Hotel is one of the finest in the region and is open to people of all ability levels.

Whether you’re a keen gym-goer or have decided to embark on a new, more fitness-oriented lifestyle, our team can advise you on getting the most out of our services. Our members and residents-only health club was built to provide you with a stress-free experience, within a soothing atmosphere. To that end, it features a 17 metre indoor pool, an air-conditioned Techno gym, steam room, sauna and spa pool.

We help people to relax, invigorate and rejuvenate and offer a range of packages to suit a wealth of needs and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a peak, off-peak, individual, joint, child’s, family, corporate or student membership, we can help. We’re here to help you to achieve the relaxation and fitness levels that you’re aiming for. The hotel itself is situated in the blissful setting of Berkshire near Newbury and Thatcham.

The health club is open to locals and visitors, so even if you’re just passing through the region, we can help. Berkshire is one of the most picturesque areas of the UK and offers an array of attractions.

We regularly welcome guests who require little more from their break than a stay in a hotel where they can be pampered for a day of two, so if you do need to unwind and forget about it all, Regency Park Hotel is the ideal place to do it. With over 100 bedrooms on offer alongside an open plan bar, lounge area and acclaimed restaurant, we’re confident that we’ve got everything that you might need from a Berkshire hotel.

We can also cater for business meetings and conferences, via our flexible rooms and refurbished business centre. We can cater for as many as 200 guests, with Regency Park Hotel having long been the venue of choice for various private dinners, workshops, weddings and gala balls. Talk to us today if you’re interested in staying at one of the best health spas in Thatcham. 


Why ours is one of the most chic and contemporary wedding venues in Newbury 

On looking around the Berkshire town of Newbury, it's easy to think that the place is all about historic character. After all, this part of England is widely associated with its strong complement of 17th century buildings, as well as such nearby historic attractions as Highclere Castle, the main filming location for the hit television period drama, Downton Abbey.

However, to presume that this is all that Newbury and its environs represents would be to make a great misjudgement. That's because the town is, far from a mere relic of the past, a true living and breathing 21st century settlement, serving as the UK headquarters of such modern companies as Vodafone, the pharmaceutical company Bayer AG, National Instruments and Micro Focus. Then, of course, there is the famous Newbury Racecourse.

What does all of this have with tying the knot? Well, we just thought we'd remind you that if you are considering wedding venues in Newbury, you won't be restricted to mere 'historic' venues. You'll also find some very interesting modern settings for a wedding, and these just don't come any better than Regency Park Hotel.

Situated between Newbury and Thatcham, Regency Park Hotel has a great reputation simply as a place to stay, and it is many of the qualities that make it so that also make it an excellent place to enjoy your big day. The same peace and tranquillity that draws so many weary business travellers here, for instance, also gives it the perfect serene atmosphere for toasting your special union in the presence of your family and friends.

Whether you intend to have well over one hundred of those guests at your reception or would instead prefer a more intimate event, we're sure to have the right suite available here at Regency Park Hotel. While our Paris Suite, for example, makes a very pleasant setting for as many as 70 guests, the Parkland Suite is definitely the one to go for if you plan to have up to 140 people in attendance, and comes complete with an exclusive private entrance, reception and bar area.

But of course, choosing us over the many other possible wedding venues in Newbury isn't just about the most chic and contemporary settings. It's also about opting for a venue where your every specific need is catered for as part of the most stylish and romantic wedding day. Enquire now about booking us for your Newbury nuptials. 


Our gym staff will give you the best workout possible

Gyms can be stuffed with the most cutting-edge equipment around, but the real value of a health club is to be found in its staff. These dedicated professionals are an integral part of the facility, and any good gym membership in Berkshire will give you access to a proper team who can help you to effectively and safely achieve all of your fitness and weight-loss goals.

For starters, our gym staff will help put together a personal training plan that is specifically tailored to your needs. You’ll sit down with one of our team and talk through all of your goals. They’ll then put together a list of routines for you to do each time you come to the gym, taking all of your exercise preferences into account. Once you’ve been doing it a few weeks, that programme might start to seem a little easy. When this happens, a member of staff will make some alterations to up the intensity, so that you’ll never stop improving.

In fact, our team can make that programme even more specific to your needs, when you take advantage of our facility’s advanced computerised fitness consultation equipment. Most gyms will simply take your weight, height, and pulse, but we can offer so much more. In addition to those standard measurements, we can ascertain your blood pressure, flexibility, lung function, aerobic capacity, grip strength and body composition.

All of that information will be used to thoroughly optimise your workout, and you can go through the process month after month to see how much you improve in each area. Seeing your weight drop can be a fantastic experience, and it’s made even better by seeing all aspects of your personal fitness getting stronger.

In addition, to keep you motivated during the workouts themselves, you can always book a session with one of our experienced personal trainers. Part coach, part friend, these fitness professionals will keep pushing you to succeed throughout the workout, and offer encouragement when you’re starting to flag. Great for experienced athletes and complete beginners alike, a personal trainer will maximise the results of your programme.

Here at Regency Park Hotel, we have a fantastic range of aerobic and strength-training equipment. More importantly, we’ve hired the right staff to ensure that our members use all of the machines and weights safely, so that they can get the most out of their gym memberships. 


Tone up and get healthy with our dynamic exercise classes

Is gym membership in Thatcham what you're searching for right now? If so, you can be sure of getting the most for your money by finding one that offers a comprehensive line-up of workout classes. Exercising as part of a group means that you’ll make friends with other gym users, turning your workouts into a social activity. The routines are great too, with each one providing a different kind of burn to ensure that you get healthy variety into your exercise schedule.

For a high intensity workout, gym members should try out our Circuit classes. You’ll complete various sets of exercises one after another, with short rest periods to get your breath back and rest your muscles. Circuit training is a great way to boost your metabolism for the day and improve your strength, mobility and stamina. This is one of our more challenging routines, so you can take your pick between standard and advanced classes.

If you’d prefer to focus on your waistline, come and try our Fast Abs or Core and Stability classes. Most people who come to the gym are eager to cut down their jean size or tone up their middles – this is a fantastic way to do both! Your core supports your back, spine and shoulders, so working out those muscles will improve your fitness levels and protect you from injury, in addition to keeping you trim.

Remember to incorporate some high intensity cardio too! Our Legs, Bums and Tums workouts are perfect for trimming the pounds away. These classes incorporate a full body aerobic workout that specifically targets your legs, bum and stomach, traditionally the hardest places to shift fat from. This workout will use combinations of exercises like squats, crunches and lunges to tone up those problem areas.

For something a little different, we also run Aqua Aerobics sessions. The buoyancy of the water means that you won’t need to support as much of your own bodyweight, so these are great exercises for anyone at risk of joint problems from high impact workouts.

Feel free to browse our website to see when all of these great classes are on offer, then come down to the Regency Park Hotel’s cutting-edge gym and join the ranks of our friendly fitness community. 


All Christmas partygoers can now take advantage of preferential seasonal sleepover rates 

Among our Christmas hotel deals here at Regency Park Hotel are our fantastic Christmas parties. These great nights offer party-goers the chance to enjoy a specially selected three course dinner – with complimentary mince pies and coffee to finish – before letting their hair down and dancing until midnight with our private disco.

Here at Regency Park Hotel, we understand that the combination of festive beverages and dancing usually means party guests would prefer to sleep in the warm, lavish rooms of the hotel rather than taking a cold, uncomfortable taxi ride back home. That’s why we introduced a great selection of seasonal sleepover rates for any of our Christmas party-goers!

These preferential rates are available to anyone attending parties here between the start of December and the night before Christmas Eve. Taking advantage of them means guests can have a few extra drinks to finish off the party in style, then wake up in the morning for a delicious breakfast and complimentary use of our luxurious Health Club. 

It costs only £80 for two guests to share one of our double or twin rooms, while single rooms are available for just £70. If you want a little extra luxury, you can even upgrade to either an executive double for £20, or one of our exclusive deluxe rooms for £30.

At The Regency Park Hotel, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a deep, peaceful sleep. All rooms are light and spacious and decorated in a sleek contemporary style, with soft beds and a host of amenities to get you ready the next day. To make sure that all overnight guests are comfortable, all of our pillows and duvets are hypoallergenic.

After waking up in such superior comfort, you’ll be able to sit down to a nice breakfast before relaxing in our Health Club. The facilities include a 17m swimming pool and steam and sauna rooms to sooth your body of last night’s excesses, as well as a number of spa treatments to ensure that you’re totally relaxed before you have to leave us. Or, if you’d prefer to start the day off with some invigorating exercise, you can sweat it out in our fully equipped fitness suite.

At the Regency Park Hotel, we tailor our Christmas hotel deals to cover everything that we think the customer might require. If you want a night to remember, followed by a calming sleep and access to luxury facilities in the morning, then be sure to book a seasonal sleepover alongside a spot at our fantastic Christmas parties. 


Christmas packages for the entire festive season 

Regency Park Hotel offers some fantastic deals for anyone spending Christmas Day at the hotel. However, we understand that not everyone can do this, so to spread the festive cheer as far and wide as possible, we've come up with some other great Christmas hotel packages to make the whole season a Christmas time to remember.

If you fancy letting your hair down before December 25th, then consider taking advantage of one of our Christmas Party Nights. We know it’s hard to see everyone you want to see during the Christmas period, especially when you’re forced to juggle friends and family, so why not get everyone together before the big day so that you can all enjoy a cracking meal and dance ‘till midnight?

Our menu combines delicious Christmas food with some more modern options, and is rounded off with coffee and mince pies. After the meal is over, you can relax with a few drinks, or take to the dance floor for our festive disco. You can either organise a small group of people to join in with a mixed party or hire the facilities for your own larger private function.

Perhaps you want a more laid back affair? If so, we also offer the same package as a lunchtime event. This is a great way to get together with friends and colleagues, and provides the same outstanding three course menu and mince pies as you get in the evening, just without the disco.

Of course, the season doesn’t end on Christmas Day, so we’ve also organised a New Year’s Eve Black and White Ball. It’s black tie for the gents and evening dress for the ladies, as you enter the New Year in Style. The fun begins at 7:00pm with champagne and canapés, and continues with a six course dinner accompanied by wines specially selected for the occasion. To make sure you’re amused throughout the evening, we’ve hired a renowned magician to entertain you upon arrival, as well as a DJ to keep the music playing right into the early hours of 2015.

We hope you decide to spend some of the festive season with us at Regency Park Hotel by taking part in one of the memorable events offered by our Christmas hotel packages. Feel free to contact us today for more information. 


Spend the perfect Christmas at Regency Park Hotel

All of our staff members at the Regency Park Hotel absolutely love the Christmas period, and so we always aim to provide the warmest and most memorable experiences for anyone who chooses to take advantage of one of our Christmas hotel packages.

We've put together a great range of options to ensure that you come to enjoy the season with us. One of biggest reasons people continue to enjoy one of Regency Park Hotel's Christmas hotel packages is the delicious food that we have on offer.

Our Christmas Party Nights provide you with a three course meal. We offer a fantastic selection to please even the pickiest of eaters, and it's all topped off with coffee and mince pies. But don't think that we're happy enough just providing you and your guests with a wonderful menu, as you'll also be able to enjoy our traditional Christmas party novelties, and once the meal is over, you'll be able to dance the night away as you disco 'till midnight.

Of course, we understand how busy the holidays are, so we also offer Christmas Party Lunches, which provide the same mouth-watering menu and fun party novelties, but leave aside the disco. We're so keen to hang on to the Christmas spirit that you can even book Post Christmas Parties during January to help you see in 2015 in style.

If we're lucky enough for you to spend Christmas Day with us, you'll be greeted by the same superior service, as we welcome you with festive cheer and a welcome glass of champagne. Our Christmas Day menu contains five wonderful courses, and we've taken care to include your traditional holiday favourites, while not neglecting our own personal touches.

For your starter you might enjoy braised chicken or crab samosas, while for your main, you could take the roast turkey and stuffing or a tomato polenta. That's just a small selection from the fusion of traditional and contemporary food available on our Christmas Day menu.

There really is no better way to celebrate the season than by booking one of our Christmas hotel packages here at Regency Park Hotel. We're providing an unforgettable Christmas time for both you and us, so you'll know that we do the very best we can to make things absolutely perfect. 


Make this Christmas one to remember with us 

You'll have a lot to think about when browsing the best hotels for Christmas, although admittedly slightly less should you choose Regency Park Hotel. After all, we simply adore Christmas and always go the extra mile to ensure that our guests enjoy visits to our prestigious premises that they never forget.

We currently have a broad range of hotel deals on offer for Christmas, so why not find out more about our acclaimed festive party nights? Sign up for one of our Christmas parties and you'll be able to enjoy a three-course meal plus a disco and a party, while rubbing shoulders with some of the friendliest, fun-loving people around.

You can even book a private party for your staff, friends or family members if you wish. Our team know exactly how to put on a party that you'll never forget, so why wait any longer if you're keen to see this Christmas go with a bang rather than a whimper?

If you'd rather visit us in the daytime, we can cater for you. We are currently taking bookings for our renowned Christmas lunches, and what's more is that if you're keen to avoid those post-Christmas blues, you can even dine with us in January without missing out on any of the festivities.

Alternatively, you may wish to dine with us on Christmas Day itself. We offer delicious five-course Christmas lunches with all the trimmings, but don't hesitate to get the wheels in motion if you do wish to visit us on December 25th, as places are filling up fast. You can rely on our experienced events co-ordinators to make everything run like clockwork.

The fun doesn't stop there, either. Our New Year's Eve Black and White Ball is ideal for those who don't want to stay at home on 31st December, and by attending this momentous occasion, you'll be able to enjoy a six-course dinner with a range of wines and entertainment from a great magician and DJ.

Enjoy Christmas and New Year in style by spending them with us at Regency Park Hotel. Those seeking the best hotels for Christmas will find our Yuletide events to be nothing less than the stuff of magic. 


Enjoy a memorable Christmas at Regency Park Hotel 

We're now into autumn, so if you haven't decided how you're going to celebrate the festive season, why not take a look at what's on offer at Regency Park Hotel? Our modern establishment is presently offering a series of Christmas hotel deals and can help you to make this festive season one that you'll remember for a long time to come.

We're keen to welcome you to one of our Christmas party nights. These party nights consist of a 3-course Christmas dinner, a disco and a party and you can either book a private event or mix and mingle with our eclectic range of guests. Our team have years of experience behind them when it comes to planning festivities, so rest assured that you'll be able to soak up a magical atmosphere and be met with the warmest of welcomes.

If an evening dinner is not for you, don't worry – you can enjoy one of our acclaimed three-course Christmas lunches in the daytime. If you can't make it in December – or if you'll be attempting to banish those January blues – we can offer you a post-Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Don't forget that you can also spend the big day itself with us if you wish.

Spaces are filling up for our five-course lunch on 25th December, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you do want to visit us on Christmas Day. We're also taking bookings for our New Year's Eve Black and White Ball. This involves a six-course dinner, series of wines, DJ and magician. Why not see the year out in style with Regency Park Hotel?

Or perhaps you're interested in booking a private Christmas party, maybe even for a whole workforce? In that case, our events co-ordinators have the experience and expertise needed to help you to plan the perfect night and are passionate about helping you to create magic. We've held Christmas parties for companies from a wide variety of sectors in the past, so don't wait any longer to call us if you're looking for some of the best Christmas hotel deals. 


Create the ultimate festive experience 

If you've got Christmas on your mind but haven't organised your celebrations as yet, there are exceptional deals awaiting you. Here at Regency Park Hotel, we still have Christmas hotel deals available and can help you to create the magic that you're looking for this festive season.

We can help you to create your perfect Christmas, and with a number of packages on offer, you can count on us to cater for your needs, whatever they are. Whether you're interested in a private party or letting your hair down as part of one our mixed celebrations, we're here to help you to make Christmas 2014 one of the best ever.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers sensational Christmas nights. Our Christmas nights feature a three-course dinner and a disco, which continues until midnight. We're never happy until we know that our guests have enjoyed a wondrous occasion, which is why we go the extra mile to build the best possible atmosphere.

You can celebrate with us in the daytime too if you wish with one of our three-course Christmas lunches, and what's better is that you can even enjoy one of our festive meals in January if you're struggling to fight off those winter blues after the real festive season has come to an end.

Whatever you're looking for in your event, our events team is here to make your wishes a reality.

Our events co-ordinators can talk to you in depth about what you're looking for and are passionate about exceeding expectations. Eager to spend Christmas Day itself with us? Then get in touch right now. We still have places left for a five-course lunch but they're filling up fast, so don't miss out, call us now.

The fun doesn't stop there, either. More and more people are talking about our New Year's Eve celebrations, and we're sure that you'll love our Black and White Ball in the luxurious Parkland Suite as well as the six-course dinner, sumptuous wines, entertaining magician and DJ that accompany it.

There's simply no need to look anywhere else than Regency Park Hotel if you're looking for the best Christmas hotel deals. 


Regency Park Hotel: passionate about creating festive magic

The festive season is getting closer and closer, and there really is no time like the present for those looking for the finest Christmas hotel packages. At Regency Park Hotel, we're passionate about helping you to create magic, so why not take a look at what we can offer if you're determined to make Christmas 2014 one of the best yet?

We have various packages on offer, and among the most popular are our special Christmas Party nights. These nights can be held privately or you can partake in one of our exciting mixed party nights, where you'll be able to rub shoulders with a fantastic range of friendly people.

At our Christmas nights, you'll be able to enjoy a festive three-course dinner as well as a traditional party and disco, which continues all the way until 12am. We go the extra mile when it comes to creating an exceptional atmosphere, so you can count on us to bring you a magical experience during the season of goodwill.

If you'd rather celebrate in the daytime, we can offer you a three course Christmas lunch, while if you're keen to ward off the feeling of deflation post-December 25th, don't worry as we can also help you to celebrate Christmas as late as January.

Our events team are here to help you to create the evening of your dreams, so simply get in touch with us if you're thinking of planning the perfect festive event on our prestigious premises. Don't forget that you can also join us on the big day itself for a mammoth 5-course lunch – but it's wise to book early to avoid disappointment as the places are already filling up fast.

We're also excited about our New Year's Eve festivities, so why not get in touch to arrange your attendance at our famous Black and White Ball in the elegant setting of the Parkland Suite? This time it's a six-course dinner with acclaimed wines, a magician and a fantastic DJ to entertain you into 2015.

Take a closer look at our Christmas hotel packages at Regency Park Hotel today. You'll soon see that if there's any time of year when you really ought to take advantage of our hospitality, it's the weeks and months that conclude 2014 and welcome in 2015. 


Book now for better Christmas hotel deals

Christmas hotel deals in Berkshire are in big demand at this time of year, and we can certainly bring you some of the best of them here at Regency Park Hotel. Ours is one of the most exquisite, popular and well-facilitated hotels in the region and there are various Christmas packages to choose from if you are now planning this year's festivities. You won't be disappointed if you celebrate Christmas with us, whether you're spending the day itself here or visiting in the weeks leading up to the event.

Get in touch today if you wish to book a Christmas works party or a festive lunch. Whether you're booking for staff, friends or family members, we can provide you with the ideal backdrop for your get-together. With a range of deals available, you're bound to find something that suits. There are various Christmas hotel deals for you of the highest standard here at Regency Park Hotel.

Our party nights are among our most popular options. With prices starting at just £32.50 per person, you can look forward to not only a three-course Christmas dinner, but a also range of games and a disco – which continues into the small hours. The fun doesn't have to end on 25th December either – a number of our guests have enjoyed post-Christmas parties as well as Boxing Day get-togethers here. Of course, you can also get involved with our Black and White Ball and Tapas Style Dinner Dance on New Year's Eve.

You don't have to stay over at the hotel but if you do, you'll be able to get a great deal on accommodation as an attendee of one of our parties. There are 108 different bedrooms to choose from and a huge number of facilities including free parking, Wi-Fi, the sauna, fitness suite and swimming pool. Make this Christmas and New Year's Eve that little bit more special by booking a stay at Regency Park Hotel. Why head anywhere else if you’re looking for Christmas hotel deals?

More and more people are choosing us for parties, business meeting and weddings. Our staff are renowned for their exceptional customer care standards and have the expertise and experience needed to help you get the most out of your visit or stay. Get in touch today to make Christmas bookings. 


The menu options awaiting those who book one of our Christmas packages 

It goes without saying that there are a lot of people booking hotels at Christmas. They may be planning a spectacular trip to London or one of the UK's other major cities, or they may be heading abroad. At the same time, the festive season is an appropriate time to pause, reflect on and celebrate the year that has just passed - and there are few better places to do that than Regency Park Hotel.

Our establishment - located in a tranquil spot between the Berkshire towns of Newbury and Thatcham - is in strong demand all year round, and for many reasons. But one of the biggest is undoubtedly the standard of our dining, largely taking place in the award winning Watermark restaurant. Yuletide is an especially great time for enthusiastic diners to come and visit us, thanks to our ever-popular Christmas hotel packages.

You, your family and/or your company may book one of our Christmas Party nights, for example, taking up the opportunity of a festive three course dinner with coffee, traditional party with novelties and disco until midnight. The Christmas Party Dinner Menu is certainly a tempting one, with options ranging from leek, potato soup and croutons to roast courgette, mushroom tartlet, rocket salad and garlic vinaigrette.

Alternatively, one may choose us over hotels at Christmas for a lunch on Christmas Day itself, enjoying a glass of champagne on arrival, followed by a five course traditional lunch in the Watermark restaurant. Select from such items on the menu as split pea and ham hock soup, fresh crab samosas, traditional roast turkey, tomato polenta, Christmas pudding and more. Of course, you'll also get no shortage of coffee and mince pies.

Some of our visitors prefer to spend Christmas Day itself elsewhere, though, getting all of the hectic stuff out of the way before joining us for our Boxing Day Celebrations. Again, a three course lunch is on offer, an informal gathering on this day of the year in our Watermark restaurant allowing you to try out the likes of French onion soup, smoked salmon, sun blushed tomato beignet, filet of cod and wild mushroom ravioli.

We could go on and on, mentioning the ever-glitzy and glamorous New Year's Eve Black and White Ball encompassing a superb six course dinner, or the 'Tapas Style' Buffet Dinner Dance taking place that same night. The only reasonable conclusion we can come to is that when you are perusing the best events at Berkshire hotels this Christmas, those at Regency Park Hotel are impossible to overlook. 


Enjoy an exquisite Christmas at Regency Park Hotel

If you're now thinking about your festive plans, chances are you'll be eager to start making bookings and placing orders now to avoid disappointment. Certainly, if you're looking for Christmas hotel packages, for example, those of Regency Park Hotel could be just the ticket.

Regency Park Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in the Reading and Thatcham area and is able to offer various festive deals. You can get in touch today to book a Christmas party night for you and your staff, or even a Christmas lunch for a small group of friends or family members. We have deals to suit everyone, so take a closer look at what we can offer today.

Our party nights are affordable yet exquisite, with pricing starting at just £32.50 per person. Included in the packages is a three course Christmas dinner, party games and a disco that carries on into the late night. You can even book post-Christmas parties with us, or hold your Boxing Day festivities at the venue. Don't forget about our famous New Year's Eve celebrations too – why not partake in the Black and White Ball and the Tapas Style Dinner Dance?

If you don't want to travel home at the end of the night, you can take advantage of our Seasonal Sleepover rates, which enable anyone attending a party at the venue to save cash and stay in luxury in one of our 108 bedrooms. We can also offer complementary Wi-Fi and parking, as well as leisure facilities such as the fitness suite, swimming pool and sauna.

A huge series of events have been held at the Regency Park Hotel and we have hosted everything from training workshops to corporate dinners and weddings. We're here to help you, your friends and family to create magical festive memories that you'll cherish forever.

Why not make this Christmas that little bit more special by heading to the acclaimed, warmly-welcoming four-star Regency Park Hotel during the forthcoming festive period? We are now taking bookings, so get in touch right away if you're looking for nothing less than the best Christmas hotel packages in the region. 


Among Berkshire hotels, Regency Park Hotel continues to stand out 

It's easy to forget all of the factors that make Regency Park Hotel one of the leading Berkshire hotels, such is this modern establishment's excellence in seemingly every area. The hotel's setting, for example, is a pleasant and tranquil one making for the ideally relaxed overnight stay, business meeting or visit to the attached health club. Being located between Newbury and Thatcham, the hotel is also convenient to reach for those travelling between these towns.

One factor that will always make Regency Park Hotel one of the highest-regarded Berkshire hotels is its superbly-appointed rooms - all 108 of them being contemporary in style and making for the most comfortable stay. They are light and airy, but also have all of the obvious amenities that one might need, from digital LCD televisions, ironing facilities and hypo allergenic pillows and duvets to complimentary wireless broadband and a room fridge and hospitality tray.

Nor does hotel dining get much better than that offered at Regency Park Hotel's very own Watermark restaurant. This award winning establishment serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it isn't the only part of the hotel where one may sample the finest cuisine, exclusive private dining also being possible in one of its distinguished banqueting suites. There's even a licensed bar, from which one may enjoy delightful coffee, lighter meals and snacks.

People also frequently choose Regency Park Hotel over other Berkshire hotels on the strength of its members and residents only health club, where such facilities as a state of the art air conditioned Technogym, 17 metre indoor swimming pool, steam room, spa pool and sauna can be accessed. An extensive selection of treatments means that the right one is always available, whether the guest wishes to feel reinvigorated or relaxed.

In addition, it's difficult to overlook the many special events and offers available at Regency Park Hotel when assessing it as a place to stay. From events like the establishment's famous Jazz Sundays and the regular Wedding Fayre, to special packages relating to different occasions and times of year, there's always something on at Regency Park Hotel to make a visit to this modern venue feel fresh and new, each and every time. Enquire now about your own next stay at one of the highest-regarded Berkshire hotels. 


Looking for Christmas hotel packages? They don't come any better than Regency Park Hotel's 

Regency Park Hotel is, of course, an exceptional place to book a stay irrespective of the time of year. With its location between Newbury and Thatcham, it's a tranquil place to come if you are on a business trip or simply wish to explore the area on a recreational basis. The bedrooms are light, airy and contemporary, the Watermark restaurant offers award-winning dining and we're very proud of our Health Club, too.

However, right now - the time when you might prefer to sip on your holiday cocktail or head for the swimming pool - is actually the perfect time to plan your festive period, and Regency Park Hotel has always been difficult to beat when it comes to Christmas hotel packages. From treating your family and friends to the perfect Christmas Lunch, to keeping your company's employees' morale up with a well-timed Christmas Party Night, it's all offered at our Berkshire establishment.

You could be paying just £32.50 per person for the ideal Party Night, and there's simply no better place to enjoy a traditional 3-course Christmas dinner, complete with coffee, party novelties and dancing 'til you drop. Our festive lunch options, meanwhile, include not only traditional Christmas Day Lunch, but also Boxing Day Celebrations and Post Christmas Parties.

Indeed, you don't have to stop having fun at Regency Park Hotel just because the festive period is over. That's because we are also highly rated for our New Years Eve Celebrations, which for 2015, once again includes our famous Black & White Ball alongside our Tapas Style Dinner Dance. We even offer seasonal sleepover rates to all of our festive party guests - ideal if you don't fancy booking that taxi home just yet.

More information about our Christmas hotel packages can be requested via our usual contact details. Don't forget that whatever the time of year, the contemporary and well-equipped Regency Park Hotel offers an unrivalled accommodation experience, its spacious and elegant suites being nicely complemented by extensive purpose-built meeting facilities and a generous calendar of other special events.

When it comes to the finest Christmas hotel packages, however, Regency Park Hotel really does have no equal. 


Prepare for another Regency Park Hotel Wedding Fayre this autumn 

We've discussed before on this news page, the aspects of Regency Park Hotel that make it one of the undoubted best wedding venues in Berkshire. Ours is a gleaming venue between Newbury and Thatcham that provides a special, chic and tranquil setting in which to tie the knot - but of course, even with the best efforts of our professional Wedding Planners, much also depends on you preparing well to ensure that your special day truly is as special as you'd hoped for.

That's why we don't just offer delightful, exquisite suites, or even the finest expert assistance on the day, but also run a Wedding Fayre that presents the perfect opportunity to peruse wedding show special offers and take advantage of a free prize draw. But above all else, it's about getting to meet a wide range of wedding service exhibitors in person, so that you can start planning each and every aspect of your special day to perfection.

But do you want to know possibly the best thing of all about our Wedding Fayre? Admission is completely free. So, if you're thinking of getting hitched in the next year or so and are anywhere near the Regency Park Hotel this autumn, pop in on Sunday 12th October between 11am and 3:30pm and see exactly who is offering the services that could help to make your big day truly one to remember for the rest of your life.

Once you've attended, what's next? Well, we bet that you'll have already decided on your wedding venue by then. Regency Park Hotel is one of the best-regarded wedding venues in Berkshire, and is well-equipped to cater for your most specialised requirements. But above all else, it is just a wonderful place to celebrate your union.

The Parkland Suite, for example, is gorgeous, spacious and full of character, in addition to being able to accommodate 140 guests, while the Paris Suite is more intimate, being suitable for 70 guests and boasting doors leading out into a pleasant conservatory. Perhaps more important even than the setting, however, is the bespoke service and sheer dedication of Regency Park Hotel's  Wedding Planners to making your wedding day one of a kind - in all of the right ways.

Get in touch with the Events team on 01635 588 706 to learn more about the next Wedding Fayre at Regency Park Hotel. ....

Get in shape for summer at Regency Park Hotel

You can totally transform yourself at our health club in Thatcham. For starters, we have an attractive price offer for entry into our health club, meaning that you can tone up in a few weeks, and be ready to hit the beach. There are 32 pieces of gym equipment, which means even at busy times, you're likely to find a space. What is more, there is a spa bath here, which is bound to invigorate you after a session, along with sauna and steam facilities. You may just sweat the pounds off.

There's also nothing more luxurious than a dip in cool water on a hot day. Our pool is 17 metres long at our health club in Thatcham, and there are all sorts of health benefits to be gained from going for a swim. When you join with the offer, you will receive a complimentary check of your level of fitness and an exercise regime will be drawn up for you. If you like the results, why not become a long-term patron of the gym? After using this offer, you won't have to pay the admission charge.

By getting in shape for summer at our health club in Thatcham, you can wear what you like at the beach, and get into summer dresses that show off your upper arms. You'll also feel cooler when the hot weather strikes. Of course, it's always beneficial to be healthy, and vigorous exercise releases growth hormones that can keep you looking young.

This is a seriously good value offer, and our advice to your would be to make the best use of it while you are on the trial period. If you thought you would only be able to access the fitness facilities, you'll be pleased to know can also come along to the fitness classes.

Take the opportunity to blitz your body with a class solely for your abs, or a session that targets your derriere, pins and tum in one. You can also get your money's worth by enjoying the great TV and music facilities on offer. Regency Park Hotel is a place you'll want to visit, which will make exercise all the easier.


What makes a modern venue the best choice for a wedding in Berkshire?

Everyone wants an idyllic wedding - one that they will remember for the rest of their lives with their loved one. However, it's easy to fall for the idea that this absolutely must mean a more historic backdrop, perhaps with a church, abbey or other ruin in the background of every wedding photo.

The truth is that people across the UK - and certainly Berkshire - are routinely turning wedding traditions on their head these days, and it can actually be a much more contemporary venue that provides you with the most unforgettable wedding in Berkshire. If there's one such local venue that certainly demonstrates the benefits of modern surroundings in which to celebrate your nuptials, it's Regency Park Hotel between Newbury and Thatcham.

One only needs to walk into any one of the establishment's suites, for example, to be greeted by an interior design that is the height of contemporary chic. The self-contained Parkland Suite exudes character and has also been designed with the needs of modern ceremonies firmly in mind, sporting an exclusive private entrance with its own reception and bar area. It can accommodate as many as 140 guests, and also has a sun terrace on which canapes and pre-dinner drinks can be enjoyed as the weather hots up.

Another illustration of just how much modern design that bring to a Berkshire wedding venue is provided by the more intimate Paris Suite, with its plentiful natural daylight that ensures a fresh and vibrant ambience. Up to 70 guests can be accommodated here, working their way through the doors to a spacious conservatory with its own private bar. It's ideal for those loved-up couples who aren't that excited by the idea of the traditional church ceremony or local Registrar's office.

There are many other ways in which the Regency Park Hotel marks itself out as an unashamedly modern venue for a wedding in Berkshire. The establishment's broad range of wedding and civil partnership packages, teamed with more bespoke services, caters for every possible need of the couple. Special bedroom rates are also available for guests, and that's before one considers the availability of a professional Wedding Planner, whose job it is to ensure that every aspect of the big day goes just right.

Enquire today about the ultimate contemporary wedding venue in Berkshire at the Regency Park Hotel - you'll be glad you did something a bit different for your own ceremony and reception. 


What makes Regency Park Hotel one of the best health spas in Thatcham? 

If you have been travelling in or around the towns of Newbury and Thatcham in the Royal County of Berkshire, whether for personal, pleasure or business reasons, there may also be reason for you to stop off at Regency Park Hotel. After all, this stylish and contemporary establishment offers so much that one would expect of the complete, well-appointed hotel - from comfortable bedrooms and an alluring bar and lounge to the acclaimed Watermark restaurant.

However, this summer in particular, you may spend a particularly great amount of time in this part of Berkshire to see attractions like Highclere Castle - the real life Downton Abbey. As you do, whether alone or with family, there will surely be times when you feel the need to get out of the sun and away from the tourist crowds. Such a haven can be provided in the form of one of the premier health spas in Thatcham, right here at Regency Park Hotel.

Our health club includes the most generous leisure facilities that one could expect of a hotel at this price, and then a little more. There's a sauna, steam room, fitness suite, beauty spa, spa pool, 17m swimming pool and even free parking. Those wanting to get or keep fit at this members and residents only health club can make the most of the finest in personalised programmes, fitness assessments and personalised training. In doing so, they can use the very best Technogym equipment while enjoying music and visual entertainment.

If you just can't stay away from the pool - and why would you? - it's the ideal place for Aqua Aerobics, or simple relaxation. You'll also find a chilled water station and some very inviting warm showers here. Nor can one easily ignore the many beauty treatments adding to the fine reputation of one of the best health spas in Thatcham. From Elemis and St Tropez to Jessica nails and reflexology, as well as spa day packages and holistic treatments like manicures, pedicures, massages and facials, there's plenty to take advantage of here.

These amenities, activities and treatments all serve the same goal - ensuring that you leave our hotel both feeling and looking better than you left it. That's the difference when you choose the health spa of Regency Park Hotel. 


Enjoy jazz on Sunday at Regency Park Hotel

Of all of the Berkshire hotels, Regency Park Hotel has to be one of the most sophisticated. You see on the 18th May, jazz musician Pete Allan will be playing in our highly rated bistro, which means that you can enjoy sumptuous cuisine while listening to thrilling jazz numbers. Entry is ten pounds per person, and if you also book a Sunday carvery with us, you can get 20 per cent off on the day. As the normal price would be £19.95 per person, it's worth a drink to you.

The musician, Pete Allan, is pre-eminent in the jazz world. He has won a number of plaudits for his outstanding contributions to the genre, and is recognised as one of today's greats. In addition, our restaurant, The Watermark, has won an AA Rosette. You will enjoy excellent food prepared by a top chef, with the best ingredients that are chosen for flavour and mouth feel.

As the kitchen staff appreciate how selecting seasonal items for the menu improves the quality of your food, your visit to The Watermark is assured to be different and interesting each time. Certainly of all the Berkshire hotels, your visit on the 18th May will prove to be a memorable experience.

The performance