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Make us your choice of elegant wedding venue in Berkshire

So many people scour the market for the best and most luxurious wedding venues in Berkshire, and when they do, they so often find themselves stopping at Regency Park Hotel. After all, we have all of the facilities and staff needed to provide such demanding customers with the outstanding service that they have been looking for.

Why not get in touch with us today if you require a first-class venue with vast facilities, picture-perfect architecture and glorious grounds? Our team has years of experience when it comes to organising weddings and ensuring everything that runs like clockwork, and you can count on them to go the extra mile to make your day a success.

We tailor your packages around your exact needs, offering top quality bespoke services that suit you and your guests down to the ground. We are fully licensed for civil ceremonies and are here to help, whether you need to find a wedding venue or have already married elsewhere and wish to celebrate your union with friends and family members.

Our Watermark restaurant is one of the most popular of its type in the region, with our hotel in general being consistently praised for its fantastic atmosphere. Discounted room rates are available for your guests, and you will be assigned your own personal, dedicated manager on the big day, who will work tirelessly to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Whether it is a lavish celebration or something more low-key that you are planning, you can depend on us to deliver the spectacular service that you require.

We are situated between Newbury and Thatcham, close to various transport links. Regency Park Hotel is also ideal for business meetings, parties and other events. Why not talk to us today to find out more about key facilities like our fitness suite, indoor swimming pool, spa pool, steam room, sauna and high-speed broadband?

More and more couples are choosing Regency Park Hotel over the competition, on account of our wide-ranging facilities, stunning grounds and elegant hotel. Don't settle for an inadequate venue – choose one of the region's most highly-rated hotels if your nuptials are coming up and you are yet to find the right location in which to say your vows.  


Get fit or simply unwind in style at Regency Park Hotel 

Regency Park Hotel can cater for anyone who requires first-class gym and spa facilities. We are home to one of the finest health clubs in the region, so if you are inspired by the prospect of working out or simply unwinding and being pampered in classic surroundings, why not get in touch today?

Our extensive facilities include a modern air-conditioned Techno gym, a steam room, sauna, spa pool and 17 metre swimming pool. You won't struggle to find anywhere to leave your car, thanks to our vast parking facilities. Regency Park Hotel can offer you a wealth of treatments and can cater for you whether you need to rejuvenate or relax. We're confident that we can give you everything you require from a health spa in Berkshire.

We offer a number of membership packages to suit a range of needs and requirements. We are especially well-known for our spa breaks, for example, during which our clients are pampered wonderfully and provided with a number of treatments including special massages and facials. Regency Park Hotel welcomes its guests and members to contact staff at any point if they require any assistance with making the most of the facilities on offer.

When it comes to offering vast and often luxurious facilities in a delightful setting, we lead the way. The hotel is situated in the Royal County of Berkshire in a tranquil location between Newbury and Thatcham. We can provide you with the excellence that you seek, whether you're out on business, need a few days away from it all, require the ideal venue for a business meeting or even a high-end wedding venue.

There are 108 stylish, contemporary bedrooms to choose from here at Regency Park Hotel, and many of our guests love to unwind in our open plan bar and lounge area. Discerning cuisine aficionados are served brilliantly by our Watermark restaurant, while complementary high-speed broadband is also available.

We can bring you an exceptional quality hotel experience, whether you wish to visit us on business or to unwind, celebrate a birthday or anniversary or say your marriage vows. Why wait any longer to get in touch if you like what you're reading and wish to find out more about one of Berkshire's most acclaimed hotels? 


An exquisite backdrop for your nuptials

We would like to hear from you if your wedding day is coming up and you're yet to find the right venue. Regency Park Hotel has the ideal facilities, architecture and grounds for your nuptials. Our venue offers chic, contemporary design, and if you choose it as your destination, you'll get the support of highly experienced, professional and friendly staff who go the extra mile to make your wedding a thrilling success. As no two couples are ever the same, we offer a bespoke service to people planning weddings in Berkshire, tailoring our services directly towards your unique needs and circumstances.

Regency Park Hotel is fully-licensed for civil ceremonies. Whether you require a wedding venue or have married elsewhere and need somewhere to celebrate back home in Berkshire with your friends and family, we can help. The venue plays host to the stunning Watermark restaurant, which attracts people from miles around due to its excellent ambience, great cuisine and the helpful, caring attitude of its staff.

A number of special packages are available, and your guests will be pleased to know that discounted room rates are available to them. You will also receive the services of a dedicated manager on your big day, who you can count on to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We can be depended on to deliver the quality that you require, whether you're planning a low-key celebration or a big event. Our venue is situated in a tranquil setting between Thatcham and Newbury. We cater for a wealth of needs and can provide the ideal service, whether you require a venue for a business meeting, party or any other appropriate event.

Many people choose to stay with us for a few nights just to get away from it all and take advantage of our outstanding leisure facilities, which include a fitness suite, steam room, spa pool, sauna and indoor swimming pool. We offer 108 bedrooms, wireless internet and complimentary parking.

Why not call us for an informal chat today and learn more about our vast, high quality facilities and how we can help you to create wedding memories that you will cherish forever?


Find a personal trainer at Regency Park Hotel

If it's a gym membership in Berkshire that you are seeking, be sure to choose one that offers the use of a personal trainer. Whether you’ve been working out for years or are completely new to the gym, hiring one can be incredibly beneficial. Here’s why.

Unique program

There’s such a vast amount of information available concerning muscle building and fat loss that it can be difficult to understand which exercises and training regimes are right for you. Your personal trainer will discuss your goals before making an exercise program that is tailor-made to meet them.

Everyone’s goals and starting point are different, so working from a regime you found online might not see you making the best progress possible. This also extends to nutrition. Eating right is a fundamental part of getting into the best shape of your life, and a personal trainer will be able to make suggestions to help you develop a healthy but satisfying diet.

Decreased risk of injury

Training your body is serious business, and mistakes can have negative consequences – from minor injuries to long-term problems. Of course, any kind of injury will mean that your performance is impaired, significantly reducing your chances of achieving your goals.

Such injuries usually occur when machines are used improperly, but they can also be caused by over-training. A personal trainer will prevent either eventuality from happening by talking you through the correct way to use each piece of equipment, and ensuring that your program isn’t too intense.

Prevent plateaus

If you’ve had an active gym membership in Berkshire for more than a few months, you probably already know what a plateau is. At first, your body will build muscle and drop fat relatively quickly, but things often become harder as you continue.

This can be de-motivating, but a personal trainer can stop it from happening by changing up your workouts whenever your body gets used to its current exercises. They know different ways to work muscles and understand how to alter cardio programs to ensure that you’ll continue to enjoy the best results possible.

The health centre at Regency Park Hotel offers personal training for all of its users, making it one of the best gyms in Berkshire. For more information concerning membership, just contact one of our team members today.


Reasons to take up regular swimming at our health club in Berkshire

Regency Park Hotel's health club in Berkshire includes a diversity of facilities that can leave you both looking and feeling much better. The merits of our sauna, steam room and air conditioned Techno gym should not be overlooked, but you might not realise just how much your life could change for the better until you begin regularly taking a dip in our 17-metre indoor swimming pool.

You can exercise your entire body

There are plenty of fun exercises out there, but they tend to only exercise particular parts of the body at a time. Swimming, on the other hand, works out the whole body. From your back, to your arms, to your core and more, you can improve your body's general look by using just four different swimming strokes.

It may rarely feel like exercising

One common reason why people who start a routine exercise regime don't keep it up is that they simply don't find it that fun. For them, it just feels too much like a chore. However, swimming is an activity that many people who don't usually like exercising do thoroughly enjoy. Many avid swimmers remark that engaging in this particular physical activity does not even necessarily feel like exercising.

You could find surprising success in burning calories

Swim moderately for even an hour and you could burn around 500 calories. Such substantial calorie-burning can also up your metabolism and so make it easier for you to keep losing calories long after you have left the pool. Swimming demands greater breath control, and therefore greater oxygen, than running. It all means that you can tuck into that post-swim treat with just a little bit less guilt!

Swimming at our health club in Berkshire is not expensive

Swimming can be delightfully inexpensive, as there is no need for you to buy lots of costly equipment in preparation. For many of us, swim shorts or a swimsuit, plus a cap and goggles, will suffice.

Also worth keeping in mind is the range of membership tariffs on offer for our health club at Regency Park Hotel, including those for peak, off peak, student, children, family and corporate memberships. Such a broad range of options allows you to obtain a membership without paying for extras that you don't genuinely require.


Tighten your core at our health club in Thatcham 

Finding a health club in Thatcham that offers a variety of gym classes is always a good idea, and one of the most popular sessions provided by Regency Park Hotel focuses on core and stability. This class is aimed squarely at your midsection, and there are a number of great reasons for you to come along.

Improved posture

People typically train their core in order to look better. That’s sensible, as tightened abdominal muscles can often help you to feel more confident, but you’ll also look taller and stand straighter. This is because your core muscles are vital for maintaining proper posture. After developing your midsection, you’ll find that your posture is improved without even having to make the effort yourself.

Helps avoid injury

Your core is the connecting element between your lower and upper body, meaning that it is activated to some degree or another during almost every activity – anything from standing up and walking around to lifting something off the floor. Those aren’t particularly gruelling activities, but people often throw out their backs or damage their knees while doing them because they haven’t strengthened their cores. Committing to a weekly core workout can help to prevent this happening.

Enhances performance

Of course, it isn’t only everyday activities that require a strong core. Every sport activates those muscles, and keeping them strong can help your performance and ensure that you don’t get tired out as quickly. This is true of competitive games like football, but even such more leisurely activities as skiing and hiking use the midsection. After participating in core workouts, you’ll notice that your balance is improved and that you are able to react faster. 

It’s fun

Abdominal exercises aren’t usually those which people look forward to the most, which is why finding a health club in Thatcham that offers a core and stability class is of such benefit. Instead of having to suffer through workouts alone, you’ll be able to join a group, making it a social activity to look forward to rather than a chore to be avoided.

Part of what makes Regency Park Hotel one of the most beneficial health clubs in Thatcham is our wide array of classes. For more information about core and stability or any other classes, just contact one of our team members today.


Tone up in luxury surroundings at Regency Park Hotel

Regency Park Hotel has everything that you need from a health spa in Berkshire. Our venue has the facilities, equipment and staff needed to provide a world-class spa experience, and we welcome people of all fitness levels. We are waiting to hear from you, whether you are an avid gym user or are a newcomer thinking of changing your lifestyle for the better, and you can count on our expert team to help you derive as much value as possible from our facilities.

Our venue is home to an air-conditioned Techno gym, 17-metre swimming pool, steam room, sauna and spa pool. Whether you’re keen to unwind or engage in rigorous exercise, we can cater for you in a way other establishments cannot.

Talk to us today if you’re keen to relax or rejuvenate in world-class surroundings. We offer a diverse range of membership packages to suit a wealth of needs. We provide peak, off-peak, joint, children’s, corporate, family and student memberships. The venue is located near Newbury and Thatcham, making it ideal for anyone seeking out a unique Berkshire health spa. Our clients include locals and people travelling from further afield just to use our acclaimed facilities. If you feel the need to partake in a day or two of pampering, we are fully-equipped to meet your wishes.

Why not consider staying the night and sleeping in one of gorgeous bedrooms after an hour or so in the gym? We have more than 100 rooms to choose from, as well as an elegant lounge area and open plan bar. Our restaurant is renowned for offering mouth-watering high-end cuisine and is a great place to create magical culinary memories.

Don’t forget that you can contact our expert team at any time if you have any questions about what our venue can offer. Regency Park Hotel is set up to host weddings, business meetings, private parties, workshops and gala balls. It’s always worth bookmarking the website to keep in touch with the latest events on our calendar. We can deliver the fulfilling, enriching workout and pampering experience that you require from a health club, so why hesitate to try it out for yourself? 


Why Berkshire is such a romantic wedding setting 

The south east England county of Berkshire has much to recommend it as a place to get hitched - not least its highly romantic feel. This character has developed over time, even over centuries! Hence, this certainly isn't the kind of thing that any county can just buy or win; instead, it is something that has to be integral to the area's history. Below, we elaborate about why Berkshire is such a romantic area.

There is plenty of beautiful rural scenery to take in

Although Berkshire is home to major towns including Reading and Slough, the west of the county is predominantly rural. Regency Park Hotel is located in this area, specifically in-between the towns of Newbury and Thatcham - making it an especially appealing wedding venue in Berkshire for loved-up country bumpkins. Even couples who don't usually appreciate countryside scenery can still appreciate having times of more privacy and quiet with each other. The abundance of beautiful countryside offered by Berkshire is rare so close to London.

In Berkshire, you can go back to the... past

Despite its very rural character, Berkshire has an intriguing history - and many physical remnants of that history today. Berkshire was, for instance, the setting for various battles, including several of Alfred the Great's against the Danes and two clashes of the English Civil War in the 1640s. Being able to, both before and after tying the knot, easily visit the places where these battles took place can put the cherry on a particularly delicious wedding cake... metaphorically-speaking, of course!

"It is a truth universally acknowledged..."

The most famous British romantic novelist in history, Jane Austen, has strong associations with Berkshire. Reading provided some of the young Jane's education, and her time at the Reading Ladies Boarding School probably inspired the Mrs Goddard School in her novel Emma. Furthermore, Basildon Park, which you can easily travel to from Regency Park Hotel's wedding venue in Berkshire, served as Netherfield Hall in the Keira Knightley movie version of Pride & Prejudice.

Jane Austen has written some of the world's most endearing love stories, so Berkshire certainly seems an apt place for the high point of your own love story. We would love to receive a booking from you, should you be considering Regency Park Hotel as your wedding venue in Berkshire.


A health spa in Newbury that has it all 

Are you paying a visit to the Berkshire town of Newbury any time soon? Perhaps you are doing so for pleasure, with the intention of taking in such sights as Newbury Racecourse and Highclere Castle? Alternatively, you might be here for business reasons - after all, we are close to the headquarters of several major companies here, and have strong transport connections to other areas of Berkshire.

Whatever your reasons for booking a stay in the chic and modern Regency Park Hotel, you can't possibly miss our complete health spa in Newbury. Our members and residents only club gives you the perfect environment in which to chill out or get fit, with extensive facilities encompassing a sauna, steam room, spa pool, unashamedly modern air conditioned Techno gym and 17 metre indoor swimming pool.

Our spa and club are both open from early in the morning until the evening, Monday to Sunday, and it all starts - if you aren't staying over at the attached hotel - with you choosing from our generous range of membership options. Peak Individual and Joint, Off Peak Individual and Joint, Student Memberships, Children and Family Memberships and Corporate Memberships are all available, so you can be sure of finding a package that suits you.

On entering our health spa in Newbury, you'll soon realise just why our facilities are so acclaimed for miles around. Not only are there all of the aforementioned amenities, but you can also take advantage of such poolside amenities as aqua aerobics, a chilled water station and pool viewing area.

The fitness suite, meanwhile, is the perfect place to come for personalised workout programmes and a computerised fitness consultation that considers the likes of your blood pressure, flexibility, aerobic capacity, height and weight and lung function. This is before you even look to the spa part itself, where St. Tropez spray tanning treatments, manicures, pedicures, facials and massages are all on offer, to name just some of a long list of treatments.

Don't forget that we also have a series of spa break packages to choose from, and that users of our health spa in Newbury even have access to the rest of our highly regarded hotel facilities, such as the award winning Watermark restaurant and 108 bedrooms, the latter available at concessionary rates. When we say that our health club is the most complete one in Newbury, we really do mean it here at Regency Park Hotel. 


Comparing health spas in Newbury? Why ours comes out on top 

The west Berkshire town of Newbury is not short of essential and not-so-essential facilities. This is a part of the world that is about so much more than its racecourse and largely 17th century town centre architecture. That's because it is a locality that offers much to please business and recreational travellers alike, with the range of health spas in Newbury, for instance, certainly being a strong one.

However, there's also no question that certain health spas in Newbury are better than others, as many of those who have used the one at Regency Park Hotel are able to confirm. Our members and residents only health club has an impressive list of useful equipment and facilities, including a 17-metre indoor swimming pool, steam room, sauna, sophisticated air-conditioned Technogym and spa pool. But above all else, it's just an extremely welcoming place to relax, pamper oneself or pursue a fitness goal.

On one level, it's the simple practical things that keep so many people coming back to our club and spa - the long opening hours, for instance, which stretch from early on the morning until late at night, although we would always advise you to check our website for the most up-to-date times. Our members and residents also love our broad range of membership options, designed to provide the utmost flexibility. Children and family memberships, corporate memberships and peak and off peak memberships, both joint and individual... we offer them all.

However, we have gone much further than the basics in order to ensure the best club and spa experience. We have made sure that our fitness suite, for example, really does offer everything, from personalised workout programmes to a computerised fitness consultation that takes into account such parameters as blood pressure, flexibility, aerobic capacity and lung function.

This is without even mentioning our many different spa treatments. Our holistic treatments, including manicures, pedicures, massages and facials, together with reflexology and even St. Tropez spray tanning treatments, have all helped to make Regency Park Hotel one of the most respected health spas in Newbury, as well as one of the most popular hotels. If it's fitness classes that you are looking for, meanwhile, the likes of Circuits, Fast Abs and Aqua Aerobics are all also available from us.

There are just too many great reasons to choose Regency Park Hotel over the many other health spas in Newbury - so why not pay a visit to discover that for yourself? 


An ideal backdrop for your Berkshire wedding

Regency Park Hotel is a tranquil, modern venue that has formed the perfect backdrop for scores of Berkshire weddings. Our hotel is located between Newbury and Thatcham and features over 100 luxurious bedrooms as well as the acclaimed Watermark restaurant. You and your guests can look forward to various fantastic facilities including free broadband access, a fitness suite, swimming pool and steam room, with our team being able to provide you with the pampering experience of your dreams.

Our venue is ideal for weddings, exhibitions and private dinners. We can cater for you whether you are planning a large gathering or a more low-key, intimate celebration. Our bespoke packages mean that your unique needs and requirements can be perfectly accommodated. We are renowned for hosting stylish, romantic wedding days, with our guests so often immediately falling in love with the chic, contemporary interior design of our venue. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure our guests' days are a success, with our Wedding Planners working closely alongside couples to ensure that no requirement is overlooked.

We offer a range of packages designed to suit the budgets and tastes of a wealth of clients. We can bring you complimentary parking, special discounted room rates for your guests and one of the best food menus that the region has to offer. Your guests can even take advantage of our extremely popular Techno Gym if they wish, as well as our spa pool, steam room, sauna and swimming pool. Regency Park Hotel can offer everything that you and your guests require and more.

Couples holding their nuptials at Regency Park Hotel can choose between our elegant, spacious Parkland Suite, which can cater for up to 140 guests or our more intimate Paris Suite, which is suitable for up to 70 people. The Parkland Suite is totally self-contained and features a reception and bar area, with our Paris Suite offering a spacious conservatory as well as its own private bar.

We’re waiting to hear from you if you require the use of an idyllic wedding venue, so why not get in touch today? When it comes to Berkshire weddings, increasing numbers of demanding couples are deciding to base themselves and their guests at the fabulously contemporary Regency Park Hotel. 


Find a great gym facility in Thatcham

There are many factors to look at when choosing a gym membership in Thatcham. Whether you’re embarking on a new exercise regime or already take steps to keep fit, it’s important to explore your options before coming to a decision.

The best gyms are those that you look forward to returning to time and time again. Even if the facilities are fantastic, the experience can be punctured by poor customer service or prohibitive prices. The best gym staff will help you to make the most of their facilities and offer you valuable advice whenever you need it.

A good way to assess the likely quality of a gymnasium is to look online for reviews or contact the team for an informal chat. Gym memberships don’t usually come cheap, so it’s wise to make sure that you get your money’s worth.

Some people decide to take a list of questions with them when exploring a gym for the first time. Location is an important factor. Some people sign up to gyms, but then don't pay regular visits. If the gym is out of your way, there’s every chance that you will fail to take full advantage of your membership.

You’ll need to make sure that the gym’s opening hours are a good match for your schedule, too – if you can't get to the gym while it’s open, you may find yourself wasting your money. Will you feel relaxed in the gym? What kind of crowd does it attract? What kind of classes are run there, if any? It’s essential to find answers to these questions before you make a commitment.

Here at Regency Park Hotel, we’re confident that we can give you what you’re looking for in a Thatcham gymnasium and health club facility. If it’s a stress-free, tranquil and friendly environment that you’re seeking, we can help. Our facilities include not only a state-of-the-art Techno gym, but also a spa pool, sauna, steam room and swimming room.

We can lift you to peak fitness, helping you to relax, invigorate and rejuvenate. Our lengthy opening hours mean that we can fit around your lifestyle, and you can contact us at any time if you have any queries about our facilities.

With all of those perks considered, it's no surprise that we're so many people's number one choice for a gym membership in Thatcham! 


How well have you prepared for your wedding in Newbury? 

For Newbury lovebirds, as elsewhere, the planning of a wedding naturally brings with it a lot of stress - after all, there's a reason why people tend to begin this process more than 12 months in advance of the date of the ceremony. At this early stage, you and your beloved will be doing all of the glamorous things, like announcing your engagement and choosing your engagement ring, but before long, the grittier things will need to be focused on.

What 'grittier things' could we possibly mean? Well, deciding on your ceremony date at this stage will significantly increase the chances of your desired wedding venue in Newbury actually being available, and if it is, it would be a good idea to book immediately. The planning process doesn't get any easier as the months pass, with the bridal gown, groom's suit, photographer, videographer, florist, wedding transport, hair and beauty stylist and bridesmaid dresses all needing to be hired.

When you reach the six-to-eight-months-in-advance stage, you will need to turn your attentions to such things as the design of your invitations, the purchase of the wedding gown - if this has not occurred already - and the planning of the music that will be played at the ceremony and reception. Those who have planned well will probably be ready to decide on their wedding cake and decorations by about four to five months ahead.

About two months before the wedding, you should be ready to send out the invitations, finalise arrangements with vendors and reserve a room for the wedding night. Speaking of which, you may wish to consider a suitably well-equipped, welcoming and chic hotel as your wedding venue in Newbury - a hotel like The Regency Park Hotel.

We're renowned for more things than just the style and sophistication of our interior decor that helps to make our establishment a fine backdrop on which to tie the knot. That's because you're also sure to be impressed by the exceptional attention to detail of our professional Wedding Planner, who will assist you with every aspect of your planning so that the entirety of your special day goes just right.

With the best forward planning, you will have a wedding in Newbury to remember fondly for the rest of your life - and local wedding venues really do come no more complete than The Regency Park Hotel. 


Do you know about the treatments available at Regency Park Hotel?

Even after taking every other health spa in Berkshire into account, it’s hard to deny that Regency Park Hotel is home to one of the most indulgent and luxurious spas in the county. We don’t just offer a stunning range of cosmetic treatments – such as pedicures, manicures, tanning, and waxing – but we also provide a wonderful variety of massages and facials, including four luxury treatments designed to help your whole body unwind.

For the perfect blend of pressure across your entire body, look no further than the Face and Body Sensation treatment. Allowing you to be pampered by one of our experienced relaxation therapists for an entire hour, this is a must for anyone who needs to seriously chill out. Using products from Elemis –Britain’s leading luxury skincare brand – you’ll be treated to a deeply sensational massage, combined with an anti-ageing facial.

If one hour of indulgence doesn’t sound like enough, just ask to book an Absolute Spa Ritual. This intensely rewarding experience is one of the most deeply soothing treatments available at any health spa in Berkshire, and involves the application of either a Japanese Skin Calm Facial or SOS Purifying Facial to leave your face feeling young and vibrant. Next, you’ll enjoy a deep tissue massage using specialty Elemis products.

To ensure that the guys polish up just as nicely as the girls, and enjoy themselves just as much during the process, we’ve developed our Total Time Out For Men treatment. Perfect for calming sore muscles, this treatment blends a deep tissue massage with localised tension relief, and can include an Urban cleanse facial to keep each guy looking sharp. 

We even offer a treatment designed especially for soon to be mums. The time prior to birth can be stressful, but pregnant women can really benefit from our Nurturing Mother to be Massage. Lasting for one hour, you’ll rest on our unique Elemis beanbag for total support, and enjoy a massage that targets tension in the back and swelling in the hands and feet.

Taking some time for yourself in a health spa in Berkshire means disconnecting from the busy modern world, and concentrating on you. Here at Regency Park Hotel, we understand that need, so we provide the most rewarding treatments around. 


Regency Park Hotel is a truly idyllic wedding venue

Regency Park Hotel provides you with a stunning backdrop for a magical wedding. The hotel is as luxurious as it is stylish and plays host to chic, contemporary interiors and elegant suites. We’re here to help make your dreams a reality, so why not talk to us today if you’re planning a wedding in Berkshire and require the use of one of the most exquisite venues in the region?

Our team have the expertise and customer care skills needed to arrange a magical wedding experience. You’ll be given access to your own dedicated professional wedding planner who will guide you through each step of the process, from curating a menu to choosing evening entertainment. We offer bespoke services to ensure that we cater for requirements perfectly.

We can even cater for you if you’ve wedded overseas and require a venue for celebrating with friends and family back home. We can also host daytime-only proceedings, with our acclaimed Watermark restaurant offering picturesque views of the nearby waterfall gardens. Regency Park Hotel is licensed for civil ceremonies and comes complete with complimentary parking, including access for coaches. Should your guests wish to stay in the hotel, they can take advantage of our special rates.

Our hotel is situated between the towns of Newbury and Thatcham and is ideal for anyone visiting the area on business, to explore the local attractions or to relax in a stylish, comfortable, warmly-welcoming setting. The venue plays host to over 100 bedrooms, as well as an open plan bar and relaxing bar area. High-speed wireless access is also on offer, allowing guests to catch up with what’s going on in the wider world at their leisure.

We can also offer access to our extensive leisure facilities, which include not only a fitness suite but also a spa pool, sauna, steam room and sizeable swimming pool. Also available is a beauty spa that has been fine-tuned to offer a perfect pampering experience, featuring a whole host of leading treatments and products. Everything is set up to enable you and your guests to enjoy a magical, unforgettable day. The Regency Park Hotel is the perfect venue for a wedding in Berkshire.


Why bother signing up for a gym membership in Thatcham?

As a resident of the unassuming Berkshire town of Thatcham or somewhere nearby, you won't need us to give you too many excuses for not joining the gym - after all, chances are that you've thought of a good number of them already. You might imagine that gyms are just full of stereotypical self-satisfied 'bodybuilder' types, or that you're fit and healthy enough already - even as you huff and puff your way up a relatively undemanding set of stairs.

We could go on and on, but we won't - instead, we'll give you a long list of reasons why you should definitely sign up for a gym membership in Thatcham like that offered by ourselves right here at Regency Park Hotel.

You'll be fitter and healthier

This is the obvious one - but also an extremely easy one to overlook if you've been led to believe that the only difference will be looking like a Men's Health cover model. The facts of the matter are that regular gym-goers aren't lugging around as many calories as their non-gym-going brethren, and nor do they suffer from so many health problems such as blocked arteries, high tension or skin disorders.

You'll look younger and better

We admittedly can't avoid the fact that signing up for a gym membership in Thatcham could also be a great first step to building that muscular physique that you've always dreamed of. Get down to the gym regularly, and you can soon be shedding those years off your body, also benefitting from better posture, stamina and all-round wellbeing.

You'll make new friends

So many of us struggle to find ways to socialise that don't involve the bar or pub. With a gym membership in Thatcham, you've got a dream ticket to constant socialising opportunities with likeminded people. There's nothing like the united goal of getting fit to make people realise how much they have in common.

You'll banish those bad habits

In today's detached, individualistic world, it's so easy for most of us to stay glued to Facebook or Twitter on our smartphones, or lounge about at home watching the TV. That's not good for your physique or your overall wellbeing, so why not use that time for a nice, reinvigorating workout instead? Joining the gym here at Regency Park Hotel could be a massive step to making those bad habits a thing of the past.

You can do so quickly and affordably!

Check out our range of membership tariffs on the website today to find out just how much within your financial reach a gym membership in Thatcham can be. The joining process is swift, too, which leaves you with even fewer excuses not to take advantage of our modern health and fitness club in a tranquil corner of Berkshire.  


Regency Park Hotel - a modern wedding venue in historic surroundings 

There's an awful lot of history in the Berkshire town of Thatcham. It may still only have a population of around 25,000 people, but the settlement has seen no shortage of historically significant events - indeed, according to the Guinness Book of Records, it has a strong claim to be the oldest continuously inhabited place in Britain. Well-preserved evidence has been found of Thatcham having been inhabited as far back as 7,700 BC.

The area gained great prosperity in the early 14th century, until the Black Death decimated its population in 1348. Surviving evidence of Thatcham's rich past includes the Norman parish church of St. Mary, which underwent considerable reconstruction in the mid-19th century. Even a 1950s minesweeper naval warship, HMS Thatcham, was named after the town.

Why we are saying all of these things? Our point is that it's so easy to just presume that choosing a wedding venue in Thatcham means choosing a historic wedding venue - one that was built many centuries ago, perhaps. By all means, there are certainly plenty of such wedding venues in the locality, but not every loved-up couple seeking a suitable venue for their upcoming nuptials is necessarily even looking for such a backdrop on which to formalise their union.

Indeed, anyone who has stayed at or tied the knot at Regency Park Hotel, which can be found between the Berkshire towns of Newbury and Thatcham, will be able to vouch for how impressive a more modern wedding venue can be. They may have marvelled at the chic and contemporary interior design of our establishment's suites, or noted the exceptional attention to detail of the service that we provide. They may, too, have appreciated our comfortable and stylish bedrooms, perfect for welcoming even the most demanding of wedding guests.

In short, Regency Park Hotel offers the complete package as a wedding venue in Thatcham. Our suites, for instance, include both the gorgeously spacious Parkland Suite - which has enough room for as many as 140 guests and also incorporates an exclusive private entrance, reception and bar area - and the Paris Suite, a more intimate setting for up to 70 guests.

Furthermore, every aspect of your time with us is overseen by our professional Wedding Planner, who deals with everything from the planning of the menu to the selection of the most suitable entertainment. Contact us now for more information about the comprehensive service that helps to make Regency Park Hotel the premier modern wedding venue in Thatcham.


What makes the Regency Park Hotel perfect for your wedding or reception?

The Regency Park Hotel is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Berkshire. We provide a range of services and options to make sure that your day is as special in reality as it is in your dreams. This is a celebration that you’ll remember forever, so we'd advise that you take advantage of everything that we have to offer.

Your own private restaurant

Most hotels stop at providing a private suite for weddings, but the Regency Park Hotel goes a step further by allowing you to reserve our entire Watermark restaurant for the exclusive use of you and your guests. Overlooking picturesque waterfall gardens, you’ll sample the talents of our brilliant executive chef, enjoying perfectly seasoned food with wines selected from regions all across the globe.

A complimentary wedding manager

Even the most committed bride and groom won’t be able to predict all of the numerous little problems that can occur during any marriage, and there’s no reason why they should have to. We provide you with a dedicated wedding manager throughout the day, so you can just relax and enjoy the occasion. Our manager will make sure that everything is running on schedule, to ensure that your perfect day really is perfect.

Two stunning wedding suites

So that you can be sure of ours being the perfect wedding venue in Berkshire, the Regency Park Hotel can offer two gorgeous suites to cater for any type of celebration. If you’ve got a considerable guest list to deal with, the Parkland Suite is ideal. With room for up to 140 guests, it features an exclusive entrance, its own bar area and a private sun terrace. Or, for a more intimate affair, the Paris Suite can accommodate 70 guests. Positioned in an expansive conservatory, natural light rains down to create a magical, timeless appeal.

Special bedroom rates

Holding your wedding at a hotel means that guests have the option of booking a room for the night and going straight to bed after the festivities, instead of putting up with a tedious taxi ride. As we want everyone to enjoy the day without worrying about getting home, we’ve made some special room rates available for all of your guests.

Contact one of our team members today to start planning your perfect wedding or reception. 


The new Precor equipment making us one of the leading health and fitness clubs in Berkshire 

Here at Regency Park Hotel, we certainly take pride in being one of the most contemporary of Berkshire hotels, and much the same could be said of our health and fitness club. That can now be further demonstrated by the new gym equipment that we have taken delivery of from Precor, one of the world's premier manufacturers of such equipment.

It all means that few health and fitness clubs in Berkshire - let alone those based in a hotel, with all of the convenience and amenities that such a status brings - are as well-equipped as ours. We are making use of the Precor P80 Series equipment that will truly help you to reach your fitness goals while on our premises.

Our Precor cardio equipment, for instance, encompasses treadmills, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, AMTs and cross trainers, while our strength equipment includes that for leg press, leg extension, leg curl, outer thigh, inner thigh, chest press, shoulder press, last pulldown and functional glide.

The new treadmills that have arrived in our club, for instance, are reliable and easy to use, thanks in large part to the intuitive touchscreen P80 console. They incorporate Integrated Footplant Technology (IFT) that adjusts the belt speed to your strides, meaning that your change in foot speed is taken into account as you change from walking to running and back again.

The Precor P80 treadmill also boasts a Ground Effects Impact Control System (GFX) that provides greater cushioning, support and stability, lessening the stress on your joints and minimising fatigue. But these are just some examples of the technological sophistication of our equipment that makes our club even more of a standout among the many health and fitness clubs in Berkshire.

Indeed, the Precor Strength Selectorized equipment that now takes pride of place in our gym allows you to work all of those major muscle groups, in the knowledge that Precor has thought of everything that you could possibly want from such equipment - the most impeccable engineering, effortless ergonomic motion and proven science.

It is all to the end of ensuring that you walk out of our health and fitness club feeling like you have had the most satisfying possible workout, which will only make it so much easier to enjoy the rest of your stay with us. Book your stay with Regency Park Hotel today to try it all out for yourself!


Pamper yourself and get fit at Regency Park Hotel

Don’t settle for less when it comes to health spas in Thatcham – choose a hotel with a stellar reputation. The spa at Regency Park Hotel is one of the finest in the region and is open to people of all ability levels.

Whether you’re a keen gym-goer or have decided to embark on a new, more fitness-oriented lifestyle, our team can advise you on getting the most out of our services. Our members and residents-only health club was built to provide you with a stress-free experience, within a soothing atmosphere. To that end, it features a 17 metre indoor pool, an air-conditioned Techno gym, steam room, sauna and spa pool.

We help people to relax, invigorate and rejuvenate and offer a range of packages to suit a wealth of needs and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a peak, off-peak, individual, joint, child’s, family, corporate or student membership, we can help. We’re here to help you to achieve the relaxation and fitness levels that you’re aiming for. The hotel itself is situated in the blissful setting of Berkshire near Newbury and Thatcham.

The health club is open to locals and visitors, so even if you’re just passing through the region, we can help. Berkshire is one of the most picturesque areas of the UK and offers an array of attractions.

We regularly welcome guests who require little more from their break than a stay in a hotel where they can be pampered for a day of two, so if you do need to unwind and forget about it all, Regency Park Hotel is the ideal place to do it. With over 100 bedrooms on offer alongside an open plan bar, lounge area and acclaimed restaurant, we’re confident that we’ve got everything that you might need from a Berkshire hotel.

We can also cater for business meetings and conferences, via our flexible rooms and refurbished business centre. We can cater for as many as 200 guests, with Regency Park Hotel having long been the venue of choice for various private dinners, workshops, weddings and gala balls. Talk to us today if you’re interested in staying at one of the best health spas in Thatcham. 


Why ours is one of the most chic and contemporary wedding venues in Newbury 

On looking around the Berkshire town of Newbury, it's easy to think that the place is all about historic character. After all, this part of England is widely associated with its strong complement of 17th century buildings, as well as such nearby historic attractions as Highclere Castle, the main filming location for the hit television period drama, Downton Abbey.

However, to presume that this is all that Newbury and its environs represents would be to make a great misjudgement. That's because the town is, far from a mere relic of the past, a true living and breathing 21st century settlement, serving as the UK headquarters of such modern companies as Vodafone, the pharmaceutical company Bayer AG, National Instruments and Micro Focus. Then, of course, there is the famous Newbury Racecourse.

What does all of this have with tying the knot? Well, we just thought we'd remind you that if you are considering wedding venues in Newbury, you won't be restricted to mere 'historic' venues. You'll also find some very interesting modern settings for a wedding, and these just don't come any better than Regency Park Hotel.

Situated between Newbury and Thatcham, Regency Park Hotel has a great reputation simply as a place to stay, and it is many of the qualities that make it so that also make it an excellent place to enjoy your big day. The same peace and tranquillity that draws so many weary business travellers here, for instance, also gives it the perfect serene atmosphere for toasting your special union in the presence of your family and friends.

Whether you intend to have well over one hundred of those guests at your reception or would instead prefer a more intimate event, we're sure to have the right suite available here at Regency Park Hotel. While our Paris Suite, for example, makes a very pleasant setting for as many as 70 guests, the Parkland Suite is definitely the one to go for if you plan to have up to 140 people in attendance, and comes complete with an exclusive private entrance, reception and bar area.

But of course, choosing us over the many other possible wedding venues in Newbury isn't just about the most chic and contemporary settings. It's also about opting for a venue where your every specific need is catered for as part of the most stylish and romantic wedding day. Enquire now about booking us for your Newbury nuptials. 


Our gym staff will give you the best workout possible

Gyms can be stuffed with the most cutting-edge equipment around, but the real value of a health club is to be found in its staff. These dedicated professionals are an integral part of the facility, and any good gym membership in Berkshire will give you access to a proper team who can help you to effectively and safely achieve all of your fitness and weight-loss goals.

For starters, our gym staff will help put together a personal training plan that is specifically tailored to your needs. You’ll sit down with one of our team and talk through all of your goals. They’ll then put together a list of routines for you to do each time you come to the gym, taking all of your exercise preferences into account. Once you’ve been doing it a few weeks, that programme might start to seem a little easy. When this happens, a member of staff will make some alterations to up the intensity, so that you’ll never stop improving.

In fact, our team can make that programme even more specific to your needs, when you take advantage of our facility’s advanced computerised fitness consultation equipment. Most gyms will simply take your weight, height, and pulse, but we can offer so much more. In addition to those standard measurements, we can ascertain your blood pressure, flexibility, lung function, aerobic capacity, grip strength and body composition.

All of that information will be used to thoroughly optimise your workout, and you can go through the process month after month to see how much you improve in each area. Seeing your weight drop can be a fantastic experience, and it’s made even better by seeing all aspects of your personal fitness getting stronger.

In addition, to keep you motivated during the workouts themselves, you can always book a session with one of our experienced personal trainers. Part coach, part friend, these fitness professionals will keep pushing you to succeed throughout the workout, and offer encouragement when you’re starting to flag. Great for experienced athletes and complete beginners alike, a personal trainer will maximise the results of your programme.

Here at Regency Park Hotel, we have a fantastic range of aerobic and strength-training equipment. More importantly, we’ve hired the right staff to ensure that our members use all of the machines and weights safely, so that they can get the most out of their gym memberships. 


Tone up and get healthy with our dynamic exercise classes

Is gym membership in Thatcham what you're searching for right now? If so, you can be sure of getting the most for your money by finding one that offers a comprehensive line-up of workout classes. Exercising as part of a group means that you’ll make friends with other gym users, turning your workouts into a social activity. The routines are great too, with each one providing a different kind of burn to ensure that you get healthy variety into your exercise schedule.

For a high intensity workout, gym members should try out our Circuit classes. You’ll complete various sets of exercises one after another, with short rest periods to get your breath back and rest your muscles. Circuit training is a great way to boost your metabolism for the day and improve your strength, mobility and stamina. This is one of our more challenging routines, so you can take your pick between standard and advanced classes.

If you’d prefer to focus on your waistline, come and try our Fast Abs or Core and Stability classes. Most people who come to the gym are eager to cut down their jean size or tone up their middles – this is a fantastic way to do both! Your core supports your back, spine and shoulders, so working out those muscles will improve your fitness levels and protect you from injury, in addition to keeping you trim.

Remember to incorporate some high intensity cardio too! Our Legs, Bums and Tums workouts are perfect for trimming the pounds away. These classes incorporate a full body aerobic workout that specifically targets your legs, bum and stomach, traditionally the hardest places to shift fat from. This workout will use combinations of exercises like squats, crunches and lunges to tone up those problem areas.

For something a little different, we also run Aqua Aerobics sessions. The buoyancy of the water means that you won’t need to support as much of your own bodyweight, so these are great exercises for anyone at risk of joint problems from high impact workouts.

Feel free to browse our website to see when all of these great classes are on offer, then come down to the Regency Park Hotel’s cutting-edge gym and join the ranks of our friendly fitness community. 


All Christmas partygoers can now take advantage of preferential seasonal sleepover rates 

Among our Christmas hotel deals here at Regency Park Hotel are our fantastic Christmas parties. These great nights offer party-goers the chance to enjoy a specially selected three course dinner – with complimentary mince pies and coffee to finish – before letting their hair down and dancing until midnight with our private disco.

Here at Regency Park Hotel, we understand that the combination of festive beverages and dancing usually means party guests would prefer to sleep in the warm, lavish rooms of the hotel rather than taking a cold, uncomfortable taxi ride back home. That’s why we introduced a great selection of seasonal sleepover rates for any of our Christmas party-goers!

These preferential rates are available to anyone attending parties here between the start of December and the night before Christmas Eve. Taking advantage of them means guests can have a few extra drinks to finish off the party in style, then wake up in the morning for a delicious breakfast and complimentary use of our luxurious Health Club. 

It costs only £80 for two guests to share one of our double or twin rooms, while single rooms are available for just £70. If you want a little extra luxury, you can even upgrade to either an executive double for £20, or one of our exclusive deluxe rooms for £30.

At The Regency Park Hotel, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a deep, peaceful sleep. All rooms are light and spacious and decorated in a sleek contemporary style, with soft beds and a host of amenities to get you ready the next day. To make sure that all overnight guests are comfortable, all of our pillows and duvets are hypoallergenic.

After waking up in such superior comfort, you’ll be able to sit down to a nice breakfast before relaxing in our Health Club. The facilities include a 17m swimming pool and steam and sauna rooms to sooth your body of last night’s excesses, as well as a number of spa treatments to ensure that you’re totally relaxed before you have to leave us. Or, if you’d prefer to start the day off with some invigorating exercise, you can sweat it out in our fully equipped fitness suite.

At the Regency Park Hotel, we tailor our Christmas hotel deals to cover everything that we think the customer might require. If you want a night to remember, followed by a calming sleep and access to luxury facilities in the morning, then be sure to book a seasonal sleepover alongside a spot at our fantastic Christmas parties. 


Christmas packages for the entire festive season 

Regency Park Hotel offers some fantastic deals for anyone spending Christmas Day at the hotel. However, we understand that not everyone can do this, so to spread the festive cheer as far and wide as possible, we've come up with some other great Christmas hotel packages to make the whole season a Christmas time to remember.

If you fancy letting your hair down before December 25th, then consider taking advantage of one of our Christmas Party Nights. We know it’s hard to see everyone you want to see during the Christmas period, especially when you’re forced to juggle friends and family, so why not get everyone together before the big day so that you can all enjoy a cracking meal and dance ‘till midnight?

Our menu combines delicious Christmas food with some more modern options, and is rounded off with coffee and mince pies. After the meal is over, you can relax with a few drinks, or take to the dance floor for our festive disco. You can either organise a small group of people to join in with a mixed party or hire the facilities for your own larger private function.

Perhaps you want a more laid back affair? If so, we also offer the same package as a lunchtime event. This is a great way to get together with friends and colleagues, and provides the same outstanding three course menu and mince pies as you get in the evening, just without the disco.

Of course, the season doesn’t end on Christmas Day, so we’ve also organised a New Year’s Eve Black and White Ball. It’s black tie for the gents and evening dress for the ladies, as you enter the New Year in Style. The fun begins at 7:00pm with champagne and canapés, and continues with a six course dinner accompanied by wines specially selected for the occasion. To make sure you’re amused throughout the evening, we’ve hired a renowned magician to entertain you upon arrival, as well as a DJ to keep the music playing right into the early hours of 2015.

We hope you decide to spend some of the festive season with us at Regency Park Hotel by taking part in one of the memorable events offered by our Christmas hotel packages. Feel free to contact us today for more information. 


Spend the perfect Christmas at Regency Park Hotel

All of our staff members at the Regency Park Hotel absolutely love the Christmas period, and so we always aim to provide the warmest and most memorable experiences for anyone who chooses to take advantage of one of our Christmas hotel packages.

We've put together a great range of options to ensure that you come to enjoy the season with us. One of biggest reasons people continue to enjoy one of Regency Park Hotel's Christmas hotel packages is the delicious food that we have on offer.

Our Christmas Party Nights provide you with a three course meal. We offer a fantastic selection to please even the pickiest of eaters, and it's all topped off with coffee and mince pies. But don't think that we're happy enough just providing you and your guests with a wonderful menu, as you'll also be able to enjoy our traditional Christmas party novelties, and once the meal is over, you'll be able to dance the night away as you